State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    express their sincerest condolences to the family and friends
 4    of John J. Cibulskis, Sr., who passed away on April 19, 2002;
 5    and

 6        WHEREAS,  John J. Cibulskis, Sr. was born on December 18,
 7    1913 in Aurora to Stanley and Catherine Cibulskis; and

 8        WHEREAS, Mr. Cibulskis attended Holy Angels Grade  School
 9    and  was  a  1932 graduate of Fox Valley High School (Marmion
10    Academy) where he excelled in academics and sports;  he  went
11    on to Villinova University on a football scholrship; and

12        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Cibulskis  was united in marriage to Susan
13    Laurinas in 1939 and settled in Marywood, where  they  raised
14    their four sons; his wife preceded him in death in 1994; and

15        WHEREAS,   Mr.   Cibulskis   was   an  active  member  of
16    Annunciation Church for overy sixty years; he was a member of
17    the  Annunciation  Holy  Name  Society  and  the  Knights  of
18    Columbus; he was a founding member of the Marywood  volunteer
19    fire  department  and  the marywood Gun Club, and the founder
20    and retired president of Aurora Air Products, Inc.; and

21        WHEREAS, John  Cibulskis,  Sr.  was  well  known  in  the
22    community  and  enjoyed outdoor activities with neighbors and
23    friends; his favorite pastimes were gardening and golf; and

24        WHEREAS, The passing  of  John  Cibulskis,  Sr.  will  be
25    deeply  felt  by  all  who knew and loved him, especially his
26    sons, Donald (Carol)  Cibulskis,  Richard  (Jean)  Cibulskis,
27    John  (Paula)  Cibulskis, and Ronald (Dorothy) Cibulskis; his
28    grandchildren, Mary Lou  (Steve)  Grzenia,  Linda  Cibulskis,
29    Christine  (Paul)  Felber, Julie Cibulskis (Scott) Roskuszka,
30    Daniel   (Heather)   Cibulskis,   David   Cibulskis,   Joseph
31    Cibulskis, Michael Cibulskis, Bridget Cibulskis, and  Jacklyn
                            -2-                LRB9216931RHrh
 1    Cibulskis;  his  great-grandson,  Matthew Felber; his sister,
 2    Elizabeth Kearns; his sisters-in-law, Joan  Sibley  and  Anna
 3    Schaltz; and his many nieces and nephews; therefore, be it

 5    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that mourn, along with all
 6    who knew  him,  the  death  of  John  J.  Cibulskis,  Sr.  of
 7    Marywood, and be it further

 8        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
 9    presented to the family of John J. Cibulskis,  Sr.  with  our
10    sincere condolences.

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