State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The nation of Israel and its citizens have  long
 3    been  the  targets  of terrorist attacks and these activities
 4    have killed or injured thousands of Israeli citizens; and

 5        WHEREAS, Innocent Israeli citizens, including  women  and
 6    children,  have  increasingly become the preferred targets of
 7    militant Palestinian homicide bombers; and

 8        WHEREAS, These homicide bombers attack  Israeli  citizens
 9    with  no  regard  to their noncombatant civilian status in an
10    attempt to terrorize and coerce the government of Israel; and

11        WHEREAS,  These  homicide  bombers  are   attempting   to
12    undermine the good intentions of the majority of Israelis and
13    Palestinians  who  choose  to work nonviolently toward peace;
14    and

15        WHEREAS, These homicide bombers  are  using  increasingly
16    sophisticated  weaponry,  indicating  that they are receiving
17    increased financial and political support; and

18        WHEREAS, Those who supply terrorists are as much  enemies
19    of  the United States as those who would use murder to strike
20    fear into the heart of a peaceful nation; and

21        WHEREAS, Terrorist groups frequently  recruit  women  and
22    children  to  serve as homicide bombers and promote a culture
23    of violence  by  training  children  to  grow  up  to  become
24    homicide bombers; and

25        WHEREAS, Militant Palestinians celebrate these terrorists
26    as "martyrs" and praise their heinous acts as "heroic"; and

27        WHEREAS,  Palestinian  leader Yasser Arafat has failed to
28    condemn these  murderous  attacks  against  innocent  Israeli
29    civilians; and
                            -2-               SRS92HR0866AWcp
 1        WHEREAS,  Neither  the  United  States nor Israel will be
 2    intimidated by brutal attacks against citizens by a terrorist
 3    organization; therefore, be it

 5    ASSEMBLY   OF   THE   STATE  OF  ILLINOIS,  that  we  express
 6    appreciation to the President of the United States, George W.
 7    Bush, for his condemnation  of  the  vicious  terrorist  acts
 8    committed  against  the  nation of Israel, and we urge him to
 9    continue to support Israel in the future in its fight against
10    terrorism; and be it further

11        RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be sent
12    to President George  W.  Bush  and  to  each  member  of  the
13    Illinois congressional delegation.

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