State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are  saddened
 3    to  learn  of  the  death  Stuart  R.  Paddock Jr. of Rolling
 4    Meadows, who passed away April 15, 2002; and

 5        WHEREAS, Mr. Paddock was the president and  publisher  of
 6    the Daily Herald Newspaper since 1968, and publisher emeritus
 7    since  1998;  he transformed the Daily Herald from a group of
 8    small-town  weeklies  into  one  of  the  largest  and   most
 9    successful  suburban  newspapers  in  America,  with  a daily
10    circulation of 148,856 papers, 77th largest  in  the  country
11    and third-largest in Illinois; and

12        WHEREAS,  Stuart Paddock Jr. was born September 19, 1915,
13    in Palatine; he began working for the family paper, then  run
14    by his grandfather, Hosea C. Paddock, as a "printer's devil,"
15    working in the re-melt room; his job was to pour molten metal
16    into molds, which were used in the linotype machines; and

17        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Paddock  graduated  from  Knox  College in
18    Galesburg in 1937 with a liberal arts degree and a  major  in
19    economics;  after  hitchhiking toward California, he returned
20    to Illinois and worked as assistant editor at the  newspaper;
21    and

22        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Paddock  was  called  into service shortly
23    after Pearl  Harbor  and  entered  as  a  second  lieutenant,
24    serving  as a company commander in a tank destroyer battalion
25    with General Patton's Third Army in Europe; he was discharged
26    as a captain in 1946  and  is  remembered  as  being  a  fine
27    officer and a real gentleman; and

28        WHEREAS, Mr. Paddock returned to the paper after his tour
29    of  duty  and  concentrated his efforts in production and the
30    company's commercial printing business; and

31        WHEREAS, Mr. Paddock became a vice president and director
                            -2-               LRB9216743BHbhA
 1    of Paddock Publications in 1948; in 1968, after the death  of
 2    his  father,  Stuart  R.  Paddock  Sr.,  Mr.  Paddock  became
 3    president  and publisher; he worked closely with his brother,
 4    the late Robert Y.  Paddock,  and  sister,  the  late  Margie
 5    Flanders,  to  build  the paper up to its current status; Mr.
 6    Paddock was named chairman of Paddock  Publications  in  1986
 7    and   became  publisher  emeritus  in  1998;  he  would  have
 8    celebrated his 65th anniversary  working  for  the  paper  in
 9    June; and

10        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Paddock cared deeply for his employees and
11    constantly kept in good rapport with them, all of  whom  knew
12    him affectionately as "Stu"; and

13        WHEREAS,   Stuart  Paddock  Jr.  was  a  member  of  many
14    organizations, such as the Pulitzer Prize Jury  in  1970  and
15    1971, and the Headline Club of Chicago; he was Past president
16    (1960-1961)  and  director of the Illinois Press Association,
17    past  Illinois  State  chairman  of  the  National  Newspaper
18    Association, past director, vice president, and treasurer  of
19    the  Suburban  Newspaper  Section  of  the National Newspaper
20    Association;  Mr.  Paddock  was  a  member  of  the  Business
21    Advisory Council of the  University  of  Illinois  at  Circle
22    Campus,  past  president  and  current  director  of the Cook
23    County Suburban Publishers Association, past director of  the
24    Printing  Industry  of Illinois, and national chairman of the
25    Newspaper Committee for a Free and Competitive Press; and

26        WHEREAS, Mr.  Paddock  was  named  to  the  Chicago  Area
27    Entrepreneurship  Hall  of Fame in February, 2001; he was the
28    recipient of  "Good  Scout  Award"  from  Northwest  Suburban
29    Council,  Boy  Scouts  of  America  in  1995; Mr. Paddock was
30    honored by Rotary International for his  philanthropic  work,
31    as a Paul Harris Fellow in 1989, and he was recognized as one
32    of the 10 most influential Northwest suburbanites in a survey
33    conducted by the Daily Herald in 1981; and
                            -3-               LRB9216743BHbhA
 1        WHEREAS, Mr. Paddock's interests were numerous, including
 2    classical  music,  horse  racing,  the  Bears,  and opera; he
 3    supported the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,  the  Lyric  Opera,
 4    Ravinia,   the   Goodman  Theatre,  and  the  Elgin  Symphony
 5    Orchestra; and

 6        WHEREAS, The passing of Stuart R.  Paddock  Jr.  will  be
 7    deeply  felt  by  all  those  who  knew  him  and  loved him,
 8    especially by his wife, Anne; his  five  daughters  and  son;
 9    Anne's four children; and their combined 23 grandchildren and
10    four great-grandchildren, and all of the 880 employees of the
11    Daily Herald; therefore, be it

13    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along  with
14    his  family  and friends, the death of Stuart R. Paddock Jr.;
15    and be it further

16        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
17    presented  to  the  family  of Stuart R. Paddock Jr. with our
18    sincere condolences.

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