State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, It is occasionally necessary and appropriate for
 3    this body to appoint a  committee  of  escort  to  wait  upon
 4    distinguished persons whom the Senate seeks to honor; and

 5        WHEREAS,  Such  a committee should be named to attend our
 6    esteemed colleague Senator John  W.  Maitland,  Jr.,  of  the
 7    Forty-fourth  Legislative  District, who is retiring from the
 8    General Assembly after representing the citizens  of  central
 9    Illinois since 1979; and

10        WHEREAS, Appointment to a committee of escort for Senator
11    Maitland would be a privilege, for all members aspire to such
12    a  productive  tenure that has encompassed the sponsorship of
13    influential legislation, dynamic committee participation, and
14    political acumen as an Assistant Senate Majority Leader since
15    1993; and

16        WHEREAS, This chamber takes particular pride in forming a
17    committee  of  escort  for  Senator  Maitland,  because   his
18    statesmanship  and  willingness  to  listen to opposing views
19    have earned the respect of members from  both  sides  of  the
20    aisle  and  have  conveyed  to  the  public  the  dignity and
21    deliberation of the legislative process; and

22        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland,  a  grain  farmer  from  rural
23    Bloomington,   Illinois,   has   developed  an  expertise  in
24    agricultural  and  educational  issues  for   which   he   is
25    nationally  recognized  and  which  affords  him a stature as
26    deserving of a committee of escort as any previous figure  so
27    honored; and

28        WHEREAS,   During   a   life   marked   by   professional
29    accomplishments,   civic  commitment,  and  numerous  awards,
30    Senator Maitland retains  a  personal  warmth  and  integrity
31    reflective  of the Midwestern character that the members of a
                            -2-               LRB9216665JMcsA
 1    committee of escort wish to commemorate; and

 2        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland's service to this body  and  to
 3    his  country  as  a  proud  United States Marine warrants our
 4    appreciation and respect; and

 5        WHEREAS, Although Senator Maitland's  absence  from  this
 6    chamber  will  be  keenly  felt,  it  is  reassuring that the
 7    committee of escort will usher him into the love and  support
 8    of  the  family  he  shares  with his wife, Joanne, and their
 9    children and grandchildren; therefore, be it

11    ASSEMBLY  OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that, upon the retirement
12    from this chamber of Senator John W. Maitland,  Jr.,  and  in
13    tribute  to  his  legacy of public service to the citizens of
14    this State, a committee of escort consisting of the following
15    members is appointed to wait upon Senator Maitland:
16        Senator Stanley B. Weaver
17        Senator Laura Kent Donahue
18        Senator Kirk W. Dillard
19        Senator Vince Demuzio
20        Senator William L. O'Daniel; and be it further

21        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
22    presented to Senator John W. Maitland, Jr.

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