State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    express  their  sincere condolences to the family and friends
 4    of Judge Philip W. Tone, who  passed  away  on  November  28,
 5    2001; and

 6        WHEREAS, Judge Tone was the son of a lawyer and judge and
 7    seemed  set on a law career even as he grew up in Park Ridge;
 8    and

 9        WHEREAS, Judge Tone was a graduate  of  Maine  East  High
10    School and served as valedictorian of the Class of 1940; and

11        WHEREAS,  As  World  War  II commenced, Judge Tone rushed
12    through coursework at the University of  Iowa  in  the  early
13    1940s  and  joined an Army officer training program, where he
14    served as a tank commander and later earned the rank of first
15    lieutenant; he received his bachelor's degree in 1943, a year
16    early, and squeezed in a semester of law school before  being
17    sent  to  Europe, where he served as a tank officer in France
18    and Germany; and

19        WHEREAS,  Judge  Tone   married   the   former   Gretchen
20    Altfillisch  while  on leave in 1945; he then returned to law
21    school in Iowa and earned his degree in 1948; after  a  brief
22    fellowship   at  Yale  University,  he  obtained  a  yearlong
23    clerkship with U.S. Supreme  Court  Justice  Wiley  Rutledge,
24    succeeding then-clerk John Paul Stevens in the post; and

25        WHEREAS,  It  was  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens who
26    lured Judge Tone from a Washington law firm back  to  Chicago
27    in  1951  to  a position at what would become Jenner & Block;
28    Judge Tone was assigned to difficult  cases  and  blue-ribbon
29    panels, among them was the highly publicized mail-fraud trial
30    of  a  former  aide to the late Mayor Richard J. Daley in the
31    early 1970s; he was a partner at the Jenner & Block  when  he
                            -2-               LRB9211185RHrhA
 1    left  in  1972 to become a U.S. Court of Appeals judge in the
 2    Northern District  of  Illinois;  he  was  appointed  to  the
 3    appellate bench in 1974; and

 4        WHEREAS,  After  his  brief  tenure as a federal district
 5    judge, Judge Tone returned to Jenner  &  Block  in  1980  and
 6    almost  immediately  served  as  outside counsel for a Senate
 7    investigation between  Libyan  officials  and  Billy  Carter,
 8    brother  of  then-President Jimmy Carter; Judge Tone remained
 9    at Jenner & Block until his retirement in 1997; and

10        WHEREAS,  In  addition,  Judge  Tone  served  as  special
11    counsel  to  the  National  Committee  on  the   Causes   and
12    Prevention  of Violence from 1968 to 1969, as chairman of the
13    Illinois Supreme Court Rules Commission from  1968  to  1971,
14    and as counsel to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee to investigate
15    individuals  representing interests of foreign governments in
16    1980; and

17        WHEREAS, Jude Tone is survived by his wife of  56  years,
18    Gretchen;   his  children,  Michael  (Marie),  Jeffrey  (Mary
19    Hester-Tone),   and   Susan   (Gregory)   Pierce;   and   his
20    grandchildren, Nat, Ethan, Alex, Hope, Lesley, Gregory, Hank,
21    and Tim; and

22        WHEREAS, Judge Philip Tone will be best remembered by his
23    colleagues, friends, and acquaintances as a  lawyer's  lawyer
24    and  a  grand, genteel figure whose command of the law was as
25    instructive as it was formidable; therefore, be it

27    ASSEMBLY  OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
28    all who knew him, the death of Judge Philip W. Tone  of  Park
29    Ridge; and be it further

30        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
31    presented to the family of Judge  Philip  W.  Tone  with  our
                            -3-               LRB9211185RHrhA
 1    sincere condolences.

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