State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 4    Steel Development Board is established as an  advisory  board
 5    to  the  Department  of  Commerce  and Community Affairs; the
 6    Board shall be composed of the following voting members:  the
 7    Director  of  Commerce  and  Community  Affairs, who shall be
 8    Chairman of the Board, the Deputy Director of the  Bureau  of
 9    Business  Development  within  the Department of Commerce and
10    Community Affairs, 4 members of  the  General  Assembly  (one
11    each  appointed  by  the  President of the Senate, the Senate
12    Minority Leader, the Speaker of  the  House,  and  the  House
13    Minority  Leader),  and  8 persons appointed by the Governor,
14    with the advice and consent of the Senate; members  appointed
15    by  the  Governor  must  include  representatives of Illinois
16    industries that are  involved  in  the  production,  use,  or
17    transportation    of    American    and    Canadian    steel,
18    representatives  of  financial  or  banking  interests in the
19    State, and persons experienced in international business  and
20    economic development; members appointed by the Governor shall
21    be  chosen  from persons of recognized ability and experience
22    in their designated  field;  the  members  appointed  by  the
23    Governor  shall serve for terms of 4 years; the initial terms
24    of the original appointees shall expire on July  1,  2005;  a
25    member  appointed by a legislative leader shall serve for the
26    duration of the General Assembly  for  which  he  or  she  is
27    appointed,  so  long  as  the member remains a member of that
28    General Assembly; the Board shall meet at least  annually  or
29    at  the call of the Chairman; at any time the majority of the
30    Board may petition the Chairman for a meeting of the Board; 9
31    members of the Board shall constitute a  quorum;  members  of
32    the  Board  shall  be  reimbursed  for  actual  and necessary
33    expenses incurred while performing their duties as members of
34    the Board from funds appropriated to the Department for  that
                            -2-                LRB9208068MWpk
 1    purpose; and be it further

 2        RESOLVED,  that  the  Board shall provide advice and make
 3    recommendations to the Department of Commerce  and  Community
 4    Affairs on the following:
 5             (1)  the  development  of  an annual agenda that may
 6        include, but is not limited to, research, marketing,  and
 7        promotional  methodologies  conducted  for the purpose of
 8        increasing  the  use  of  American  and  Canadian   steel
 9        produced, used, or transported by Illinois companies with
10        emphasis   on   the   following  areas:  maintaining  and
11        increasing employment of Illinois workers  in  the  steel
12        industry;   steel   preparation   and   characterization;
13        marketing;     public     awareness     and    education;
14        transportation; and environmental impacts;
15             (2)  the support and coordination  of  American  and
16        Canadian  steel  research,  marketing, and promotion; the
17        approval of projects consistent with  the  annual  agenda
18        and  budget for steel research, marketing, and promotion;
19        and the approval of the annual budget and operating  plan
20        for administration of the Board;
21             (3)  the  promotion  and  coordination  of available
22        research, marketing, and promotional information  on  the
23        production,   preparation,   distribution,  and  uses  of
24        American and Canadian steel; the Board shall  advise  the
25        existing  research institutions within the State on areas
26        where research may be necessary;
27             (4) the cooperation to the fullest  extent  possible
28        with   State   and   federal  agencies  and  departments,
29        independent organizations, and other  interested  groups,
30        public   and  private,  for  the  purposes  of  promoting
31        American and Canadian steel resources;
32             (5) the submission  of   an  annual  report  to  the
33        Governor  and the General Assembly outlining the progress
34        and accomplishments made during  the  calendar  year  and
                            -3-                LRB9208068MWpk
 1        furnishing other relevant information;
 2             (6)  focusing on existing steel research, marketing,
 3        and promotion efforts in carrying out its  mission,  ways
 4        to  make  use of existing facilities in Illinois or other
 5        institutions  carrying  out  research,   marketing,   and
 6        promotion  on  American and Canadian steel and, as far as
 7        practical,  to  make  maximum  use  of   the   facilities
 8        available   in   Illinois,   including  universities  and
 9        colleges located within the State of  Illinois,  and  the
10        creation   of  a  consortium  or  center  that  conducts,
11        coordinates, and supports steel research, promotion,  and
12        marketing   activities   in   the   State   of  Illinois;
13        programmatic activities of the consortium or center shall
14        be subject to approval by the  Department  and  shall  be
15        consistent  with  the  purposes  of  this Resolution; the
16        Department may authorize  the  expenditure  of  funds  in
17        support of the administrative and programmatic operations
18        of  the  center or consortium that is consistent with its
19        authority; administrative actions undertaken  by  or  for
20        the center or consortium shall be subject to the approval
21        of the Department;
22             (7) reasonable ways, before initiating any research,
23        to  avoid  duplication  of effort and expense through the
24        coordination of the research efforts of various agencies,
25        departments, universities or organizations;
26             (8) the adoption, amendment, and  repeal  of  rules,
27        regulations,    and    bylaws   governing   the   Board's
28        organization and conduct of business;
29             (9)  the  search  for,  the  acceptance,   and   the
30        expenditure  of  gifts  or  grants  in any form, from any
31        public agency or from any other  source;  the  gifts  and
32        grants  may  be  held  in  trust  by  the  Department and
33        expended at the direction of the Department  and  in  the
34        exercise  of  the  Department's powers and performance of
                            -4-                LRB9208068MWpk
 1        the Department's duties; and
 2             (10) the publication, from  time  to  time,  of  the
 3        results   of   American   and  Canadian  steel  research,
 4        marketing, and  promotion  projects  funded  through  the
 5        Department; and be it further

 6        RESOLVED,  that  the  Board shall also provide advice and
 7    make recommendations to the Department on the following:
 8             (1) the creation  and  maintenance  of  current  and
 9        accurate  records  on  all markets for and actual uses of
10        steel processed, utilized, or transported in Illinois and
11        ways of making those records available to the public upon
12        request;
13             (2)  the   identification   of   all   current   and
14        anticipated  future  technical,  economic, institutional,
15        market, environmental, regulatory,  and other impediments
16        to the  use  of  American  and  Canadian  steel  and  the
17        Illinois steel industry;
18             (3)  the  identification  of  alternative  plans  or
19        actions  that  would  maintain  or  increase  the  use of
20        American  and  Canadian  steel  and  the  Illinois  steel
21        industry; and
22             (4) the development  of  strategies  and   proposing
23        policies  to  promote  responsible  uses  of American and
24        Canadian steel processed, used,  or  transported  by  the
25        Illinois steel industry; and be it further

26        RESOLVED,  that  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
27    delivered to the Director of Commerce and Community  Affairs,
28    the  Governor,  the  President  of  the  Senate, the Minority
29    Leader  of  the  Senate,  the  Speaker  of   the   House   of
30    Representatives,  and  the  Minority  Leader  of the House of
31    Representatives.

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