State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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                            State of Illinois
                         OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR
                      Springfield, Illinois  62706
      George H. Ryan
                                                     August 2, 2002
      To the Honorable Members of
        The Illinois Senate
      92nd General Assembly
          Pursuant to Article IV,  Section  9(b)  of  the  Illinois
      Constitution  of  1970,  I  hereby  veto  Senate  Bill  1756,
      entitled "AN ACT concerning open meetings."
          Senate  Bill 1756 amends the Open Meetings Act to require
      a public body that has a website and  whose  staff  maintains
      the website, to post meeting notices, agendas, and minutes on
      that website.
          Numerous  local  officials  and units of local government
      have expressed their concerns and  questions  regarding  this
      legislation.    One   concern   is  that  enactment  of  this
      legislation would cause an undue financial burden  on  public
      bodies  because  they  would have to invest considerable time
      and additional  resources  to  meet  this  mandate.   Another
      concern  is  some  provisions  of  the  bill  are vague.  For
      example, the bill does not specify the length of  time  which
      records must be kept on the website.
          While  I  believe  that  local governments should provide
      this information of their own volition, I do not believe that
      the State should mandate it.  For  these  reasons,  I  hereby
      veto and return Senate Bill 1756.
                                             George H. Ryan

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