State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives were
 3    saddened to learn of the death of Edwin  M.  "Bud"  Zeman  of
 4    Park Ridge on October 14, 2002, at the age of 62; and

 5        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Zeman  was  born in Chicago and grew up in
 6    Edison Park; he was an All-City  football  player  for  North
 7    Park  Academy;  he  earned  his Bachelor of Science degree in
 8    business administration from  Upper  Iowa  University;  while
 9    still  in  college,  he was a member of the crew that won the
10    1960 Chicago-Mackinac boat race; and

11        WHEREAS, While in college, he married Dorothy  Sternaman;
12    they were married for 41 years; and

13        WHEREAS,   Mr.  Zeman  was  active  in  real  estate  and
14    construction for many years; he  was  the  founder  of  Zeman
15    Realty  Mobile  Homes,  Inc.,  a  national  mobile  home park
16    specialist,  brokering  mobile  home  parks  throughout   the
17    eastern  half  of  the  United  States; he was the founder of
18    Mobile Management Co.  Inc.,  a  firm  managing  manufactured
19    housing  communities  on a national level; he was the founder
20    of Great American  Home  Sales,  Inc.,  one  of  the  largest
21    dealers of mobile homes in the nation; he also directed Abbey
22    Builders  and  Contractors  Supply,  Inc., a construction and
23    development firm specializing in  industrial  and  commercial
24    construction as well as mobile home parks; and

25        WHEREAS,  Mr. Zeman was a licensed real estate broker and
26    he was a member of, and served on numerous committees of, the
27    National Association of Realtors, the Illinois Association of
28    Realtors, the Chicago Real Estate Board, and the Real  Estate
29    Securities  and Syndication Institute; he was a member of the
30    Mobile Home Institute and the Illinois  Manufactured  Housing
31    Association; he was the Chairman and Director of the Illinois
32    Housing  Institute,  an  association  founded  by him in 1988
                            -2-                LRB9218098KFkf
 1    along with other large manufactured housing community  owners
 2    in the northeast part of the State; and

 3        WHEREAS,  Mr. Zeman was a member of St. Paul of the Cross
 4    Parish; he sponsored many Chicago-area sports teams;  he  was
 5    active  in  Park  Ridge  youth soccer and he was a Park Ridge
 6    youth baseball coach; and

 7        WHEREAS, His passing will be deeply felt  by  his  family
 8    and friends; he was  the husband of Dorothy Zeman; the father
 9    of  Kimberly  (Jeffrey)  Walker,  Terry and Edward Zeman; the
10    grandfather of Patrick Zeman, William, Margaret and Elizabeth
11    Walker; the brother of Bob (Kathy) Zeman and Marianne (David)
12    Smith and the late Terry Zeman; the uncle of Roger,  Michael,
13    Daniel  and  David Smith, Laura Martin, Robert, Amy Hogue and
14    Matthew and Marcus Zeman; and the  great-uncle  of  Erin  and
15    Katlyn  Zeman, Tyler Hogue, Riley, Thomas, Hannah and Garrett
16    Smith; therefore, be it

19    we  mourn,  along with all who knew him, the passing of Edwin
20    M. "Bud" Zeman and extend  our  sincere  condolences  to  his
21    family and friends; and be it further

22        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
23    presented to Mrs. Dorothy  Zeman  as  an  expression  of  our
24    sympathy.

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