State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  are  pleased  to  announce the retirement of
 4    Mary L. Booker, who has completed 35 years  of  distinguished
 5    service  for  the  children  and  families  of  the  State of
 6    Illinois; and

 7        WHEREAS, Mary L.  Booker  is  the  proud  mother  of  two
 8    daughters,  Michelle  Booker,  Roben Noel, and one soon to be
 9    son-in-law; and she is the proud grandmother of Warren  Noel;
10    and

11        WHEREAS,  Mary  L.  Booker received a Bachelor of Science
12    Degree from Oak Wood College; then attended  Graduate  school
13    at  National-Louis  University  along  with    Chicago  State
14    University;   she  was  awarded  certification  from  several
15    schools including John Marshall  Law  School,  Alabama  State
16    Teachers  College  for  elementary  school education, and the
17    University of Chicago for  social  service  in  the  area  of
18    DCFS/University  of  Chicago  Partnership  in  Field Teaching
19    1999; and

20        WHEREAS, Mary L. Booker has been recognized  and  awarded
21    for  her  many  accomplishments  through  the  years; she was
22    awarded an  Adoption  Specialist  Certification  in  1988,  a
23    Certificate  of  Appreciation  and Achievements-The Expedited
24    Adoption-Juvenile   Court   in   1998,   a   Certificate   of
25    Merit-Outstanding  Work   Performance   in   1999,   Employee
26    Involvement  Active Participation in Organizational Operation
27    in 1999, a Certificate of Excellence in 2001,  a  Certificate
28    of  Merit-Cook  County  Adoptions, and was awarded a National
29    One Church, One Child Plaque; and

30        WHEREAS, Mary L. Booker is a Certified Licensed Counselor
31    Instructor and works with  children  and  families  with  the
32    State  Board  of  Education;  in  addition,  she  has  been a
                            -2-               LRB9218040KFkfB
 1    volunteer advocate for the 20th Ward Democratic  Organization
 2    for a period of 30 years; and

 3        WHEREAS,  Mary  L.  Booker worked in child welfare for 35
 4    years and has expertise in African-American adoption; in  the
 5    past  she worked in collaboration with WGN Television Channel
 6    9 and One Church, One Child;  she  is  an  advocate  for  the
 7    Darnella  Bishop  Ward  Scholarship Statewide Commission; she
 8    has volunteered her time to provide after school  and  summer
 9    programs  for the development of children in partnership with
10    the King Parkway Development, Loretta Orme  Center;  she  has
11    been  instrumental  in  developing a community center at King
12    Parkway Gardens  Developments  which  provides  programs  for
13    residents; and

14        WHEREAS,  Mary  L.  Booker  is an authorized agent to the
15    Guardian of the Department of Children and Family Services of
16    the children who are DCFS wards; she is retiring from the MAP
17    (Matching and  Permanency)  Unit  of  DCFS;  over  the  years
18    working  as  an  Adoption  Advanced Specialist she has made a
19    difference in many lives throughout this State; therefore, be
20    it

23    we  congratulate  Mary  L.  Booker  as  she  retires from the
24    Department of Children and Family Services, and note that her
25    devotion to helping others has left an indelible  impression;
26    and be it further

27        RESOLVED,  That  we  trust  Mary  will  take  it easy and
28    thoroughly enjoy her richly deserved retirement years; and be
29    it further

30        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
31    presented to Mary L. Booker with our respect and esteem.

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