State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives are honored to recognize the career of one of
 4    their own; and

 5        WHEREAS,  Representative  Mary  Lou Cowlishaw is retiring
 6    from her duties in the Illinois House of Representatives; she
 7    has represented the Naperville area in the Illinois House  of
 8    Representatives  for  10  consecutive terms, nearly 20 years;
 9    the 41st District, which she serves, includes nearly  all  of
10    DuPage  County's  Naperville  Township  and  a  part of Lisle
11    Township as well, thereby  including  most  of  the  city  of
12    Naperville; and

13        WHEREAS,   Currently   Representative  Cowlishaw  is  the
14    ranking  Republican  member  of  the  House  Elementary   and
15    Secondary   Education  Committee  and  a  member of the House
16    Public  Utilities  Committee,  the  House  Higher   Education
17    Appropriations Committee, the Mental Health and Patient Abuse
18    Committee,  the  Electric Utility Deregulation Committee, and
19    the Select Committee on Aging; she is also a  member  of  the
20    Telecommunications  Task  Force  of  the American Legislative
21    Exchange Council, the chairman of  the  Women's  Agenda  Task
22    Force,  which  was  created  by  the  House Republican Policy
23    Committee,  and recently served as chairman of the  Education
24    Committee  of  the  National Conference of State Legislatures
25    and  as  a  commissioner  from  Illinois  on  the   Education
26    Commission  of  States;  she is also a member of the National
27    Education Goals Panel  created  by  the  National  Governor's
28    Association  and  has  served  as  past  chairman of the NCSL
29    Education Committee; and

30        WHEREAS, Representative Cowlishaw is a member of numerous
31    organizations, including the  National  Conference  of  State
32    Legislatures,    the    National    Republican    Legislators
                            -2-                LRB9217643RHrh
 1    Association,  the  American Legislative Exchange Council, the
 2    University  of  Illinois  Alumni  Association,  the  National
 3    Federation  of  Republican  Women,  the  Naperville  Heritage
 4    Society, the  Naperville  Humane  Society,  the  Conservation
 5    Foundation  of  DuPage  County, the League of Women Voters of
 6    Naperville, the Fort Payne Chapter of the  Daughters  of  the
 7    American  Revolution,  and  the Descendents of the Mayflower;
 8    she is the Republican Precinct Committeeman of  Precinct  28,
 9    Naperville  Township,  DuPage County, the founding member and
10    former president of the Naperville Republican  Women's  Club,
11    and   a  board  member  of  the  Lisle  School  District  202
12    Foundation; she  serves  on  the  Advisory  Board  of  Family
13    Shelter  Service  and  the  Board of Governors of the Lincoln
14    Series for Excellence in Public Service, the  Advisory  Board
15    of  St.  Patrick's  Residence,  the  DuPage  Senior  Citizens
16    Council, the DuKane Valley Council, the Board of Directors of
17    the Corridor Partnership for Excellence in Education, and the
18    Federal   Relations  Network  of  the  National School Boards
19    Association; she sponsored legislation that created  and  now
20    serves on the Board of the Illinois Community and Residential
21    Services  Authority; in addition, she is a longtime member of
22    Community United Methodist Church in Naperville; and

23        WHEREAS, Her service in the Illinois  legislature  itself
24    has   been   something  of  a  third  career;  Representative
25    Cowlishaw served on the Board of  School  District  203  from
26    1972  to  1983  and was also a staffer for the Naperville Sun
27    for  several  years;  she  has  authored  a  regular  column,
28    "Prairie House Report", in the nature of  a  communique  from
29    her present position and was the author of a book, catalogued
30    in  the  Library  of  Congress,  about  the  history  of  the
31    Naperville Municipal Band; and

32        WHEREAS,  As  a  legislator, Representative Cowlishaw has
33    received many honors, resulting in no  small  part  from  her
                            -3-                LRB9217643RHrh
 1    dedication  to  the advancement of education in Illinois; she
 2    was a key legislative leader  in  establishing  the  Illinois
 3    Mathematics  and  Science  Academy  in  1985  and  has been a
 4    steadfast supporter of the school every since; she has been a
 5    strong advocate for education and has  championed  innovative
 6    approaches  to  increase  student  learning, increase teacher
 7    quality, and expand access to  teaching  in  mathematics  and
 8    science;  she  has  also  led  efforts to improve funding for
 9    gifted education throughout the State  of  Illinois  and  has
10    raised  awareness  of  the need and value of gifted education
11    programs; and

12        WHEREAS, Representative Cowlishaw has also been an active
13    member of the National Education Goals Panel since  1997  and
14    was  recently  honored  by  the National  Conference of State
15    Legislatures for her  steadfast  and  exemplary  support  for
16    educational  excellence,  access,  and  equity  on  behalf of
17    students  in  Illinois  and  across  the  nation;   she   has
18    championed education reform efforts and has served on several
19    local and national education committees; in addition, she has
20    crafted much of the Chicago public school reform legislation;
21    and

22        WHEREAS,  Representative Cowlishaw was named the Illinois
23    Legislator of the Year in 1994, won four Golden Apple  Awards
24    from  the Illinois Association of School Boards, and has been
25    the recipient of more than two dozen other awards from  State
26    and  local  governmental agencies and civic groups, including
27    the State Board of Education, the Illinois Community  College
28    Trustees   Association,   and  the  Illinois  Association  of
29    Regional Superintendents  of  Schools;  in  1997,  Naperville
30    School District 204 gave her a singular honor by naming a new
31    school  for  her;  she  was  also the winner of a first place
32    annual award for investigative reporting  from  the  Illinois
33    Press Association; and
                            -4-                LRB9217643RHrh
 1        WHEREAS,  In  March  2002,  Representative  Cowlishaw was
 2    honored by the Illinois Coalition to End Homelessness for her
 3    steadfast  legislative  efforts  which   have   significantly
 4    improved   the   educational   rights  of  homeless  students
 5    nationwide; she was presented a bronze statue  of  "Charlie",
 6    an image that has become synonymous with homeless children in
 7    Illinois; and

 8        WHEREAS,   Representative   Cowlishaw   is  a  journalism
 9    graduate of the University of Illinois,  and  has  also  been
10    awarded  two honorary doctorates from Northwestern University
11    and Michigan State University; she and  her  husband,  Wayne,
12    have lived in Naperville for more than 40 years; they are the
13    proud  parents of three adult children, Beth (husband, David)
14    McDaniel, John (wife, Jane) Cowlishaw,  and  Paula  (husband,
15    Andrew)  Rader  and  the grandparents of eight grandchildren,
16    Jacob McDaniel,  Zachary,  Maxwell,  Alexandria,  and  Rachel
17    Cowlishaw and Emily, Elizabeth, and John Paul Rader; and

18        WHEREAS,   A   violinist   throughout   her  adult  life,
19    Representative Cowlishaw has  performed  in  concert  with  a
20    group  of  her young constituents in the rotunda of the State
21    Capitol in Springfield; and

22        WHEREAS,  During  her  tenure  in  the  Illinois  General
23    Assembly, Representative Cowlishaw's dedication,  innovation,
24    and  commitment  to  education has set a precedent for future
25    legislators; she has not only impressed the members  on  both
26    sides  of the aisle in the Illinois House of Representatives,
27    but  also  members  of  legislatures   across   the   nation;
28    therefore, be it

31    we honor the career of Representative Mary Lou  Cowlishaw  as
32    she  retires  from  her  duties  in  the  Illinois  House  of
                            -5-                LRB9217643RHrh
 1    Representatives  and  we  wish  her well in all of her future
 2    endeavors; and be it further

 3        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 4    presented   to   Representative  Mary  Lou  Cowlishaw  as  an
 5    expression of our esteem.

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