State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Lake Forest Woman's Club  was  organized  on
 3    November  13,  1902, joined the State Federation in 1904, was
 4    incorporated on May 19, 1909, joined the  General  Federation
 5    in 1916, and currently has approximately 340 members; and

 6        WHEREAS,  The  purpose of the Lake Forest Woman's Club is
 7    to bring together those interested in  the  intellectual  and
 8    cultural  improvement  of  women  along  practical  lines; to
 9    promote agreeable and useful relations among its members;  to
10    improve  the moral and social conditions of the community; to
11    advance the general welfare of humanity; and  to  exclusively
12    promote charitable and educational purposes; and

13        WHEREAS,  For the past 100 years, the Lake Forest Woman's
14    Club has  sponsored  meritorious  programs  in  Lake  Forest,
15    including  initiating  the first Lake Forest Day, and setting
16    up  a  maternity  trust  fund  for  deprived   mothers,   and
17    organizing  Visiting Nurses for the needy; the club serves as
18    a  key  facilitator  of  the  Lake  Forest  Parent   Teachers
19    Association  and the opening of Lake Forest High School; they
20    participated in World War I and  World  War  II  programs  by
21    making   bandages,  knitting  sweaters,  selling  and  buying
22    liberty bonds and  thrift  stamps,  and  supplying  "knapsack
23    libraries"  for  servicemen; in addition, they have sponsored
24    free  tuberculosis  x-ray  units,   initiated   the   College
25    Scholarship  Program,  and  in recent years, helped to fund a
26    new addition to the Lake Forest Library, the Gorton Community
27    Center, and the restoration of the Lake Forest Train Station;
28    and

29        WHEREAS, The Lake Forest Woman's Club also awards College
30    Scholarships to Lake Forest High School's graduating  seniors
31    and  to adult women students in the re-entry program at Barat
32    College, participates in the General  Federation  of  Women's
                            -2-                LRB9217751RHrh
 1    Club   activities,   both   in  the  State  of  Illinois  and
 2    Nationally, and participates in the Lake Forest  Day  Parade;
 3    in   addition,   the  club  participates  in  special  member
 4    volunteer events and donation  initiatives  to  Pebble  Brook
 5    Nursing  and  Rehabilitation  Center,  North Chicago Veterans
 6    Affairs Medical Center, A Safe Place, Canine Companions,  the
 7    Lake  County  Children's  Advocacy Center, and Arbor Day Tree
 8    Planting; the club also sponsors a Lake Forest Historic  Silk
 9    Scarf  and  donates its records to the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff
10    Historical Society; and

11        WHEREAS, In its 100 year history, the Lake Forest Woman's
12    Club has provided meritorious service to  the  City  of  Lake
13    Forest,  as  well as to the State of Illinois and the nation;
14    therefore, be it

17    we  congratulate  the  Lake  Forest Woman's Club on its 100th
18    anniversary; we further commend its members and  officers  on
19    their  devotion  to public service and wish them all the best
20    in the future; and be it further

21        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
22    presented to the Lake Forest Woman's Club as an expression of
23    our esteem.

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