State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The School of Technology established  its  roots
 3    at Eastern Illinois University in 1902 when courses in Manual
 4    Training  were  offered for handwork courses for teachers led
 5    by the first  chair  of  Manual  Training,  Ms.  Caroline  A.
 6    Forbes;   over  the  years,  the  Illinois  Board  of  Higher
 7    Education approved the Industrial  Technology  program,  with
 8    three  options: light building construction, electronics, and
 9    metals; and

10        WHEREAS,   Dr.   Walter   Klehm   was   instrumental   in
11    establishing the new School of Industrial Arts and Technology
12    and was  appointed  Dean  of  the  new  school;  the  Applied
13    Arts-Education  Center was completed in 1968 to house the new
14    school; and

15        WHEREAS, In the 1970s, the School of Industrial Arts  and
16    Technology  changed  to  the  School  of  Technology and more
17    advanced course offerings were made and  a  master's  program
18    was added; and

19        WHEREAS,  In  1983, the Industrial Technology program was
20    accredited  by  the  National   Association   of   Industrial
21    Technology  and  reaccredited in 1987 and 1994; the School of
22    Technology, the School of Family and Consumer  Sciences,  the
23    Career  Organizational  Studies  program,  and  the  Military
24    Science Department were reorganized in the College of Applied
25    Sciences in 1984 and in 1993, the College of Applied Sciences
26    merged  with  the  Lumpkin  College of Business to become the
27    Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences; and

28        WHEREAS, The School of Technology has one of  the  finest
29    programs  of  higher  education in the Midwest; its dedicated
30    and highly qualified faculty and staff serve both  the  needs
31    of the students and provide consulting and training needs for
32    the  business  and  industrial  community;  the  faculty  are
                            -2-               LRB9217504RHrhA
 1    recognized  nationally  and internationally and have received
 2    numerous awards for teaching excellence; they  have  been  on
 3    the  cutting edge of research and scholarship and have served
 4    their community and profession at the highest levels; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The  School  of  Technology's  degree  programs
 6    provide a  broad  education  that  emphasizes  the  study  of
 7    materials,  processes,  and  management; the programs provide
 8    its students with the technological  expertise  and  academic
 9    background  necessary  for  careers  in  industry,  business,
10    government, and education; and

11        WHEREAS,  The  School  of  Technology  will celebrate its
12    Centennial Anniversary on September 20 to September 21, 2002;
13    to commemorate the event,  the  school  has  established  the
14    "Caroline  A.  Forbes  Centennial Scholarship Endowment Fund"
15    which will provide scholarships to future freshman Technology
16    majors; and

17        WHEREAS, Since its inception in 1902, pride, passion  for
18    excellence,  and  leadership  are  traits  that  have put the
19    School of Technology at Eastern Illinois  University  on  the
20    forefront  for  education  and  economic  development in East
21    Central Illinois; therefore, be it

24    we  congratulate the School of Technology at Eastern Illinois
25    University on the celebration of its Centennial  Anniversary;
26    and be it further

27        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
28    presented to Louis V. Hencken, President of Eastern  Illinois
29    University,  and  to  Mahyar Izadi, Chairman of the School of
30    Technology, as an expression of our esteem.

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