State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members  of  this  Body  are  honored   to
 3    recognize  significant  milestones in the lives of the people
 4    of this State; and

 5        WHEREAS, It has come to our attention that  Willene  Webb
 6    Hill  of  Chicago is celebrating the 100th anniversary of her
 7    birth; and

 8        WHEREAS, Willene Webb Hill was born on April 27, 1902  in
 9    Carthage,  Missouri  to  the  late William Franklin and Sarah
10    Grammer Webb; and

11        WHEREAS, An accomplished concert  pianist  and  organist,
12    Mrs.  Hill became interested in the piano at an early age and
13    played for many audiences starting at the age of eight in her
14    church and school; and

15        WHEREAS, Mrs. Hill attended Buchanan  School  in  Topeka,
16    Kansas;  after  graduation,  her family moved to Kansas City,
17    Missouri where she attended Lincoln School and  continued  to
18    play for the Shiloh Second Baptist Church; and

19        WHEREAS,  Willene  Webb met and married James Rucker Hill
20    in 1920; to  this  union  three  children  were  born,  James
21    William  Hill,  Maxine  Alethea Hill Battle, and Kenneth Webb
22    Hill; she is also the proud grandmother of 11  grandchildren,
23    great-grandmother   of   21   great-grandchildren,   and  the
24    great-great-grandmother of 12 great-great-grandchildren; and

25        WHEREAS, After the death of her  husband  in  1943,  Mrs.
26    Hill  was one of the first African-American women to work for
27    the Chicago Post Office; she worked there for 27 years; and

28        WHEREAS, Mrs. Hill attended the  Conservatory  School  of
29    Music  and  proudly  played  for  Beran  Baptist  Church  and
30    Commonwealth  Community  Church; in addition, she played with
                            -2-                LRB9217325RHrh
 1    the Allen Lane Trio and Umbrian Glee Club, one of  the  first
 2    African-American  Male  Clubs in Chicago; she continues to be
 3    recognized as a history maker at the Dusable Museum  and  has
 4    won many awards for outstanding performances on the piano and
 5    organ; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Mrs.  Hill  currently  resides  in  Chicago and
 7    enjoys working on her daily crossword puzzles; over the years
 8    she has developed many special friendships  with  her  loving
 9    neighbors,  who  include  Arlenia  Edwards, Pearl Long Pitts,
10    Gertrude Ladd,  the  late  Constance  Taylor  and  Leier  Joe
11    Devoat; and

12        WHEREAS,  Waukegan  Township,  in  conjunction  with  the
13    Waukegan Exchange Club, will honor Willene Webb Hill and five
14    other  Centenarians  at  the "Celebration of Life" on July 9,
15    2002; therefore, be it

18    we  congratulate  Willene  Webb  Hill  on the occasion of her
19    100th birthday and extend to her our sincere best wishes  for
20    the future; and be it further

21        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
22    presented to Willene  Webb  Hill  as  an  expression  of  our
23    respect and esteem.

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