State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  are saddened to learn of the death of Pastor
 4    H. Judea Cook I, who passed away May 8, 2002; and

 5        WHEREAS, Pastor Cook was born  in  Varner,  Arkansas,  on
 6    November  5,  1926,  to  General and Gerilla Cook; he met and
 7    married Osa Lee Jones on March 7, 1948; and

 8        WHEREAS, Pastor Cook attended Arkansas Baptist College in
 9    Little Rock, Arkansas, Jackson Theological Seminary in  North
10    Little  Rock, Arkansas, the International Bible Institute and
11    Seminary in Orlando, Florida, and Mariet Business College  in
12    Oakland,  California;  his  degrees  included  a  Bachelor of
13    Science, a Bachelor of Theology, a  Master  of  Theology,  an
14    Honorary  Doctorate  of Divinity and an Honorary Doctorate of
15    Letters; and

16        WHEREAS, Pastor Cook accepted his call to the ministry in
17    1949, and served as Pastor of the Gideon  Missionary  Baptist
18    Church of Waukegan since October 1959; and

19        WHEREAS,  Pastor  Cook's  first  objective  as  Pastor at
20    Gideon Missionary Baptist Church was to unify the  membership
21    and establish a strong financial base; in 1961, the parsonage
22    for  the  pastor  was purchased; the original location of the
23    church was a small concrete building located at 1001  Indiana
24    Avenue; in April 1965, the ground breaking services were held
25    for  the  new  building  located  at  1000  Yeoman Street; on
26    January 2, 1972, a new church building became a  reality  and
27    the  first  worship  service was held; the current address is
28    1500 Ridgeland Avenue; in April 1988, a  Christian  Education
29    extension  was  built  consisting  of a library, offices, and
30    classrooms; additional property  was  purchased  for  parking
31    spaces and the sanctuary was remodeled; and
                            -2-                LRB9216883BHbh
 1        WHEREAS,  The  church has established Christian Education
 2    School; the classes include Baptist for  Nurture,  Leadership
 3    Training  School  certified by the National Baptist Christian
 4    Education Congress USA,  Inc.,  departmental  Church  School,
 5    Mission   Ministry,  Bus  Ministry,  Tape  Ministry,  and  an
 6    Evangelistic Program; and

 7        WHEREAS, Pastor  Cook  has  received  many  awards  which
 8    included  the  Harambee  Award for Excellence on February 24,
 9    1990, from the College of Lake County, Who's Who Among  Black
10    Americans  Award  in  1981  and 1997, a Community Achievement
11    Award from the Reinvestment Council of the First Midwest Bank
12    in Waukegan, a Certificate of Recognition from  the  Illinois
13    House  of  Representatives,  a  Resolution for Services Award
14    from the Waukegan Township, and a Religious Leadership  Award
15    from the People's Voice in Waukegan; and

16        WHEREAS, Pastor Cook served as a member of the Sponsoring
17    Committee  of  the Lake Country Urban League; he was a former
18    member of the Board of Directors of  the  Lake  County  Urban
19    League;  Pastor  Cook  was  a  former  member of the Board of
20    Directors of the Lake County NAACP and a lifetime member;  he
21    was   former   Chairman   of   the  Board  of  Directors  for
22    Opportunities Industrialization  Center  (OIC);  Pastor  Cook
23    formerly  served  on  the  Waukegan  Township Senior Citizens
24    Service Committee and was a former  elected  Trustee  of  the
25    Waukegan  Township;  he  was  a former member of the Board of
26    Directors for the Partnership for  Health  Clinic,  a  former
27    elected Precinct Committeeman, and served as Chaplain for the
28    Lake County Central Democratic Committee; and

29        WHEREAS,   Pastor   Cook  was  the  organizer  and  first
30    President of the North Shore Baptist  Ministers  Alliance  in
31    1962,  and  later  elected  to serve another term; he was the
32    former Moderator  of  the  New  Fellowship  Baptist  District
33    Association  for  seven years, the former Recording Secretary
                            -3-                LRB9216883BHbh
 1    of the United Baptist State Convention  of  Illinois  for  19
 2    consecutive  years,  he  served as Vice President at large of
 3    the United Baptist State Convention of Illinois for 6  years,
 4    was a lifetime member of the National Baptist Convention USA,
 5    Inc.,  and  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  of that
 6    organization; Pastor Cook was  a  lecturer  at  the  National
 7    Baptist  Congress  of  Christian  Education  for 12 years, he
 8    served on the  Board  of  Trustees  of  the  Chicago  Baptist
 9    Institute,  and  was  a  former  Chairman  of  the  Board  of
10    Directors  for  the  E.C.  Morris  Institute  in Little Rock,
11    Arkansas; Pastor Cook also served  as  a  faculty  member  at
12    McKinley  Theological  Seminary  at the North Shore Branch in
13    Zion; and

14        WHEREAS, In honor of 40 years of pastorship at the Gideon
15    Missionary Baptist Church,  Yeoman  Avenue  from  Glen  Flora
16    Avenue  to  Grand  Avenue  was additionally named H.J. Cook I
17    Drive and the month of October 1998, was proclaimed Dr.  H.J.
18    Cook I Month; and

19        WHEREAS, Pastor Cook travelled to Israel and Egypt; and

20        WHEREAS,  Pastor H.J. Cook I will be deeply missed by all
21    those who knew him and loved him, especially his wife  of  52
22    years,  Sister  Osa  L.  Cook;  his  five daughters, Rubazene
23    (Malcolm)  Cook-Tucker;  Carolyn   (Donald)   Nash,   Cecelia
24    Cook-Pryor,  Millicent  (Levi)  Finch, and Veda Cook; his son
25    Haney J., Jr. (Vickie) Cook; his five sisters, Cecil (Jessie)
26    Winters, Juanita Robinson, Jewel Quick, Melanie  Shells,  and
27    Bennie  (Earl)  Hall;  his  two brothers, A.C. Cook and Brady
28    Cook; his  mother-in-law,  Ollie  Jones;  his  sister-in-law,
29    Doris  (Oran)  Noflis;  his  thirty-seven  grandchildren; his
30    twenty-two  great-grandchildren;  and  a  host   of   nieces,
31    nephews,  other  relatives,  friends,  and  the entire Gideon
32    Church Family; therefore, be it
                            -4-                LRB9216883BHbh
 3    we  mourn,  along  with all those who knew him and loved him,
 4    the passing of Pastor H.Judea Cook I of Waukegan; and  be  it
 5    further

 6        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
 7    presented to the family of Pastor H. Judea Cook  I  with  our
 8    most sincere condolences.

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