State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives   wishes  to  congratulate  Rabbi  Herman  E.
 4    Schaalman on receiving the prestigious Order of Lincoln Award
 5    from  the  Lincoln  Academy  of  Illinois  for  his  lifelong
 6    devotion and dedication to the betterment of mankind and  for
 7    his  leadership and humanitarian efforts for the residents of
 8    Illinois; and

 9        WHEREAS, The Lincoln Award honors those individuals whose
10    contributions  to  the  betterment  of  mankind   have   been
11    accomplished  in  or  on  behalf of the State of Illinois, or
12    whose achievements have brought honor to the State because of
13    their identity with it,  or  by  their  dedication  to  those
14    principles  of  democracy  and humanity as exemplified by the
15    great Abraham Lincoln; and

16        WHEREAS, Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman was born  in  1916  in
17    Munich,  Germany;  he  is married to Lotta, and the father of
18    Susan Youdovin and  Michael  Schaalman,  the  grandfather  of
19    five,  and  great-grandfather of one; he was ordained in 1941
20    as Rabbi at the  Hebrew  Union  College-Jewish  Institute  of
21    Religion in Cincinnati; and

22        WHEREAS,  Rabbi  Schaalman's  first  pulpit  was in Cedar
23    Rapids, Iowa, where he served from 1941-1949; while there  he
24    taught  at  Cornell  College  in  Mt.  Vernon  as  an adjunct
25    professor and at Coe College in Cedar Rapids; he also created
26    a radio program with the editor  of  the  newspaper  and  the
27    President of Coe College; and

28        WHEREAS,  Having  served on a temporary basis as director
29    of the Midwest Federation of the  Union  of  American  Hebrew
30    Congregations  (UAHC)  while in Cedar Rapids, he was asked by
31    then President of the UAHC, Maurice N. Eisendrath, to  become
32    the regional Director of the Union in Chicago and the Midwest
                            -2-               LRB9216698RHrhB
 1    area; he assumed that position in 1949; and

 2        WHEREAS,   Soon  after  his  arrival  in  Chicago,  Rabbi
 3    Schaalman was able to pursue a vision of creating a camp  for
 4    the  young  people  of  the Reform Movement; he served as its
 5    director in 1950-1951 and continues to serve on the Board  of
 6    Governors  of  the  Union  Institute and on the National Camp
 7    Committee of the Union; this eventuated in the acquisition of
 8    what is now known as the Olin-Sang-Ruby  Union  Institute  at
 9    Oconomowoc,  Wisconsin,  a  retreat and camp ground for young
10    people and adults during the entire year; and

11        WHEREAS,  With  his  knowledge   and   expertise,   Rabbi
12    Schaalman   was   instrumental  in  establishing  like  sites
13    throughout the entire community; and

14        WHEREAS, Herman Schaalman was  elected  Senior  Rabbi  of
15    Emanuel  Congregation  in 1955, succeeding the renowned Rabbi
16    Felix Levy and served in this position  until  1986  when  he
17    became Rabbi Emeritus, a position he holds to this day; and

18        WHEREAS,  In  Chicago,  the  Rabbi continued his academic
19    pursuits, sponsored in part by the Jewish Chautauqua Society,
20    at such places  as  Barat  College,  DePaul  University,  the
21    Divine  Word  Seminary,  and North Park Seminary; he has been
22    and is an adjunct professor at Garret Evangelical Theological
23    Seminary at Northwestern University since 1957 and at Chicago
24    Theological Seminary on  the  campus  of  the  University  of
25    Chicago since 1986; and

26        WHEREAS,  Rabbi Schaalman served three terms on the Board
27    of  Directors  of  the  Jewish  Federation  of   Metropolitan
28    Chicago;  he is currently the chair of the Advisory Committee
29    of the American Jewish Committee and a member of the National
30    Jewish Communal Affairs Committee; he is a past president and
31    current board member of the  Chicago  Board  of  Rabbis,  the
32    Chicago  Association of Reform Rabbis, the Central Conference
                            -3-               LRB9216698RHrhB
 1    of American Rabbis,  the  Council  of  Religious  Leaders  of
 2    Metropolitan  Chicago,  the  Jewish Council on Urban Affairs,
 3    and the Edgewater Association of Clergy and Rabbis; and

 4        WHEREAS,  Rabbi  Schaalman  is  a  member  of  the  Human
 5    Relations Commission of the city of  Chicago,  the  Education
 6    Committee  of  the National Holocaust Manorial in Washington,
 7    D.C., and the Board of the Millennium Institute; he served on
 8    the Board of Overseers of the Hebrew  Union  College-  Jewish
 9    Institute  of  Religion  and  was Vice-President of the World
10    Union for Progressive Judaism and the Association  of  Reform
11    Zionists  of America; he also served as the first chairman of
12    the broadcasting commission of the Chicago  Board  of  Rabbis
13    and hosted some of its television programs; and

14        WHEREAS, Rabbi Schaalman served as Chairman of the Ethics
15    Committee  of  the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the
16    Committee on Mixed Marriage of the CCAR, and the Committee on
17    Patrilineal Descent of the CCAR; and

18        WHEREAS, In 1969 Rabbi  Schaalman  received  an  honorary
19    degree   of   Doctor   of  Divinity  from  the  Hebrew  Union
20    College-Jewish  Institute  of  Religion;  in  1995  the  late
21    Cardinal Bernadin conferred upon him the Degree  of  Laureate
22    in  Ecumenism  of  the Archdiocese of Chicago and received an
23    Honorary Doctoral Degree from the Catholic Theological  Union
24    of  Chicago  in  2000;  in addition, the President of Germany
25    conferred upon him in 1991 the Order of Merit,  First  Class;
26    and

27        WHEREAS,  Rabbi  Schaalman  was  an honoree of the Hebrew
28    University of Jerusalem and of  the  Israel  Cancer  Research
29    Association;  he  was  inducted  into the Hall of Fame of the
30    Jewish Community Centers and was named as Outstanding Foreign
31    Born Citizen of Chicago by the Immigrant Service  League;  in
32    addition, the Rabbi is a member of the Executive Committee of
                            -4-               LRB9216698RHrhB
 1    the  Council  of the Parliament of Word Religions; in January
 2    of 1999, the City of Chicago named the block of Sheridan Road
 3    in front of Emmanuel Congregation in honor of Rabbi and  Mrs.
 4    Schaalman; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The  late  Cardinal Bernadin had designated the
 6    Rabbi to conduct a Memorial for him in the Cathedral  on  the
 7    second   day   of   his   lying   in  state,  a  historically
 8    unprecedented happening; the Rabbi is also a  member  of  the
 9    Catholic-Jewish Scholars Dialogue; and

10        WHEREAS,  Rabbi  Herman Schaalman has shown human dignity
11    and kindness to all that he has come  in  contact  with,  and
12    enriched  the lives of many through his divine leadership and
13    human compassion; therefore, be it

16    we  congratulate  Rabbi  Herman E. Schaalman on receiving the
17    prestigious Order of Lincoln Award from the  Lincoln  Academy
18    of  Illinois  for his lifelong devotion and dedication to the
19    betterment of mankind; and be it further

20        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
21    presented  to  Rabbi  Herman E. Schaalman as an expression of
22    our esteem.

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