State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The community college system  in  the  State  of
 3    Illinois  is  committed to providing the citizens of Illinois
 4    with    high-quality,    cost-effective,    and    accessible
 5    postsecondary education; and

 6        WHEREAS, Approximately  one  out  of  every  12  Illinois
 7    citizens  enhances his or her education through one of the 48
 8    community colleges in this State; and

 9        WHEREAS, Illinois community colleges work with each other
10    and collaborate with public and private universities in  this
11    State  to  make  transfer  of  earned  credit  hours  between
12    institutions  of higher education successful for the citizens
13    of Illinois; and

14        WHEREAS, A primary objective of  the  Illinois  community
15    college  system  is  to  make postsecondary education readily
16    available for all students, regardless of age; and

17        WHEREAS,  Illinois  community  colleges   rise   to   the
18    challenge  of  "reskilling"  Illinois'  work force by helping
19    working adults develop higher levels of basic  and  technical
20    skills; and

21        WHEREAS,  Using two-way interactive video technology, the
22    Illinois  community  college  system   has   built   multiple
23    partnerships   with   postsecondary  education  institutions,
24    elementary and secondary schools,  rural  hospitals,  federal
25    research labs, industries, libraries, and manufacturers; and

26        WHEREAS, 9 out of 10 Illinois community college graduates
27    live,  work,  and  raise their families in Illinois with more
28    than 6  out  of  10  working  within  the  districts  of  the
29    community colleges from which they graduated; and

30        WHEREAS,  The  mission of the Illinois Student Assistance
                            -2-                LRB9216712ACsb
 1    Commission is to benefit society by enabling  individuals  to
 2    develop  to their fullest potential through access to quality
 3    education; and

 4        WHEREAS,  Over  56,000  students  enrolled  in   Illinois
 5    community  colleges  last  year received scholarship or grant
 6    assistance from programs administered by the Illinois Student
 7    Assistance Commission; therefore, be it

10    the  community  colleges in this State, as represented by the
11    Illinois Community College Board, and  the  Illinois  Student
12    Assistance  Commission  continue  to work together to enhance
13    the educational opportunities for Illinois men and  women  in
14    the State of Illinois; and be it further

15        RESOLVED,  That  the Illinois Community College Board and
16    the Illinois Student Assistance Committee  hold  meetings  to
17    discuss   recommendations   for  improving  accessibility  to
18    postsecondary education for Illinois students and families by
19    October 15, 2002; and be it further

20        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
21    delivered  to  the  Chairperson  of  the  Illinois  Community
22    College  Board  and  the  Chairperson of the Illinois Student
23    Assistance Committee.

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