State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  congratulate  Senator John W. Maitland, Jr.,
 4    of Bloomington for his illustrious legislative career on  the
 5    occasion  of  his  retirement  from the Illinois Senate after
 6    serving for 24 years; and

 7        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland was  born  July  29,  1936,  in
 8    Normal  to John and Elsa Maitland; he married Joanne Sieg and
 9    together they have 3 children: Jodi Ann Zook, John  III,  and
10    Jay; he is the grandfather of seven: Amanda, Justin, and Abby
11    Maitland;  Dana,  Carly  Ann,  and  Samantha Zook, and Alexia
12    Maitland; and

13        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland is a United States Marine Corps
14    veteran and farms 2300 acres; and

15        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland attended Danvers  High  School,
16    Normal  Community High School, and Illinois State University;
17    and

18        WHEREAS,  Senator  Maitland  has  served  the  State   of
19    Illinois  as Senator since 1978 and as the Assistant Majority
20    Leader since 1993; and

21        WHEREAS, During his tenure,  the  "Dean  of  the  Senate"
22    served  on  several committees for the National Conference of
23    State Legislatures, including Chairman  of  the  Agriculture,
24    Food  Policy  and  Nutrition  Committee  in  1986  and  1997,
25    Chairman  of the Agriculture and Forestry Committee from 1992
26    to 1993 and Committee Member from 1993 to 1994, the Executive
27    Committee in 1993, 1994, and 1998, and the Federal Budget and
28    Taxation Committee, State  Federal  Assembly,  from  1993  to
29    1994; and

30        WHEREAS,  Senator  Maitland  served as Co-Chairman of the
31    Illinois Pension Laws  Commission  from  1996  through  2000,
                            -2-                LRB9216707BHbh
 1    Chairman  of  the  State  Board  of  Education's Mandate Task
 2    Force, and Vice-Chairman of the Task Force on School Finance;
 3    and

 4        WHEREAS, Senator  Maitland's  extensive  list  of  awards
 5    throughout  his career includes Outstanding Legislator of the
 6    Year by the Illinois Association of the Homes for  the  Aging
 7    in  1989,  the Illinois Community Action Association in 1989,
 8    and the Child Association of Illinois in 1988  and  1989;  he
 9    received the Legislative Award from the Illinois Correctional
10    Association  in  1992,  the Layman of the Year Award from the
11    Bloomington  Kiwanis  Club  in  1992,  and  the   Friend   of
12    Extension Award from the Illinois Alpha Nu Chapter of Epsilon
13    Sigma  Phi  in  1995; Senator Maitland received a 100% Rating
14    from the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce from 1992  though
15    1999,   and  from  the  National  Federation  of  Independent
16    Business/Illinois in 1992; in 1995, he received the  Illinois
17    State University "E. Burton Mercier Alumni Achievement Award"
18    and   in   2001,   Senator  Maitland  received  the  Illinois
19    Biotechnology Leadership Award; and

20        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland is  an  active  member  of  his
21    community,  serving  on  the  Board  of Trustees for Illinois
22    Wesleyan University and the Board of Directors  for  National
23    City  Bank;  he  is on the Founding Steering Committee of the
24    Lincoln Club of McLean County, the Aquaculture Advisory Board
25    of Illinois  State  University,  and  the  Bloomington-Normal
26    Agriculture  Club;  Senator  Maitland  belongs to the Kewanis
27    Club and the McLean County Farm Bureau;  he  was  the  Former
28    President  of Illinois Wesleyan Associates Board of Directors
29    from 1986 to 1987; and

30        WHEREAS, Senator Maitland is an active member of  Trinity
31    Lutheran Church; therefore be it

                            -3-                LRB9216707BHbh
 2    we  congratulate  Senator  John  W.  Maitland,  Jr.,  on  his
 3    retirement; we thank him for his  service  to  the  State  of
 4    Illinois  and  wish him all the best in his future endeavors;
 5    and be it further

 6        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 7    presented  to  Senator  John Maitland as an expression of our
 8    esteem.

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