State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  are honored to recognize milestone events in
 4    the lives of the citizens of the State of Illinois; and

 5        WHEREAS, It has come to our attention that Dr. Richard P.
 6    DuFour is retiring from his duties as superintendent of Adlai
 7    E. Stevenson High School District  125  at  the  end  of  the
 8    2001-2002 school year; and

 9        WHEREAS,   Dr.  Richard  P.  DuFour  has  served  as  the
10    superintendent of Adlai E. Stevenson High School District 125
11    since 1991; from 1983 to 1991, he was the school's principal;
12    during his 19-year tenure, Stevenson  High  School  has  been
13    selected  as  one  of  America's  best  high  schools  on  12
14    occasions; and

15        WHEREAS,  Dr.  DuFour is the only school administrator in
16    Illinois to receive the  State's  highest  award  as  both  a
17    principal  and  superintendent;  he  has  earned  the  Alumni
18    Achievement  Award  from  Illinois  State  University and was
19    named as one of the "Top 100" school  administrators  in  the
20    nation by Executive Educator magazine; and

21        WHEREAS, Dr. DuFour is the author of four books, numerous
22    professional  articles,  and a featured column in the Journal
23    of Staff Development;  he  is  the  lead  consultant  and  is
24    featured  in  three  video  series  for  principals and other
25    school leaders; in addition, he led an  Illinois  task  force
26    created  to  reform  the recruitment, preparation, licensure,
27    and  continuing  professional  development   of   educational
28    personnel in the State of Illinois; and

29        WHEREAS,  Dr.  DuFour  has  conducted  institutes for the
30    National Association of Secondary Schools, the Association of
31    Supervisors and Curriculum  Developers,  the  National  Staff
                            -2-                LRB9216675RHrh
 1    Development  Council,  and the American Association of School
 2    Administrators; he has presented hundreds  of  workshops  and
 3    consulted  with  school  districts  across the United States,
 4    Canada, and Japan; and

 5        WHEREAS, Dr. DuFour's  other  individual  accomplishments
 6    while  at Stevenson High School include: being the first high
 7    school principal in the State selected by the Illinois  State
 8    Board  of  Education  for the Illinois Distinguished Educator
 9    Award; being selected  as  the  first  high  school  educator
10    inducted  into  the  "North Shore Walk of Fame," a tribute to
11    those  in  the  suburban  Chicago  area  whose   achievements
12    improved  the  quality  of  life  in the community; being the
13    recipient of the State Board of Education's "Break  the  Mold
14    Award" for superintendents whose leadership efforts in school
15    improvement   serve  as  a  model  for  others;  being  named
16    "Principal of the Year" for the Northern Illinois  region  by
17    the  Illinois Principals Association; and being the recipient
18    of  the  Van  Miller  Award  for  "outstanding  contributions
19    through actions or leadership to the field  of  education  in
20    the  State of Illinois", an award presented by the University
21    of   Illinois   and   Illinois    Association    of    School
22    Administrators; and

23        WHEREAS,  In  addition,  Dr.  DuFour was the recipient of
24    Illinois State Board  of  Education's  Excellence  Award  for
25    achievement    as    a   school   superintendent,   presented
26    commendations from the  Governor  and  the  Illinois  General
27    Assembly  for  "Outstanding  Contributions  to  Education  in
28    Illinois", selected as the first high school principal in the
29    nation  invited  to  become a "fellow" of the National Center
30    for Effective Schools, and the only high school principal  in
31    Illinois  designated  as  an  "Instructional  Leader"  by the
32    Illinois  Principals  Association;  he   was   also   awarded
33    membership  in national honorary fraternities in history (Phi
                            -3-                LRB9216675RHrh
 1    Alpha Theta) and education (Phi Delta  Kappa),  had  articles
 2    chosen   for  The  Best  of  the  Developer  (National  Staff
 3    Development Council), The  Best  of  the  Executive  Educator
 4    (Executive  Educator magazine), and the "Hot Topic Series" of
 5    Phi Delta Kappa; and Dr. DuFour received a citation from  the
 6    National  Association  of  Secondary  School  Principals  for
 7    outstanding    contribution   to   professional   literature;
 8    therefore, be it

11    we  congratulate  Dr.  Richard P. DuFour on his retirement as
12    superintendent of Adlai E. Stevenson High School District 125
13    and we wish him well in all of his future endeavors;  and  be
14    it further

15        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
16    presented to Dr. Richard P. DuFour as an  expression  of  our
17    esteem.

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