State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives    are   pleased   to   recognize   milestone
 4    achievements in high school sports in the State of  Illinois;
 5    and

 6        WHEREAS,   The   Centralia   High   School  Boys  Varsity
 7    Basketball Team, the Orphans, captured third place honors  at
 8    the  2002 IHSA State Class AA Boys Basketball Tournament held
 9    at Carver Arena in Peoria on March 16, 2002; and

10        WHEREAS, The Orphans met the challenge by first defeating
11    the Maroons of Moline High School in the  quarterfinal  game;
12    they  then went on to the semifinal game against the Lanphier
13    Lions; after an impressive rally in the  final  minutes,  the
14    Orphans  lost  the  game  by the final score of 56 to 52; the
15    Orphans' spirit rebounded in  the  Third  Place  Championship
16    with a victory over the New Trier Trevians by the score of 75
17    to 64; and

18        WHEREAS,  In  winning the third-place trophy, the Orphans
19    became the first South Seven Conference team to earn a trophy
20    since 1994;  it  was  also  Centralia  High  School's  second
21    third-place  trophy  in  the school's history, with the other
22    coming under coach Arthur Trout in 1941; and

23        WHEREAS, The Orphan team consists of Lance Marcum,  Jason
24    Palmer,  Brian  Dinkelman, Caleb Edson, Anthony Jones, Andrew
25    Walton, Blake Freels, Jamal  Palmer,  Jordan  Queen,  Terence
26    Bradley,   Matt  Shaw,  Neil  Crosby,  Tommy  Bryan,  Brandon
27    Westbrook, and  Jon Smith; the Athletic  Director/Head  Coach
28    is Rick Moss; and the assistant coaches are Chuck Lane, Roger
29    Shaw, Roger Stieg, and Brent Stewart; and

30        WHEREAS, In addition to the State Tournament, the Orphans
31    also claimed victories at the Quincy Thanksgiving Tournament,
                            -2-               LRB9216473RHrhA
 1    the  O'Fallon  Sectional  Complex,  and  the Carbondale (SIU)
 2    Super-Sectional; and they participated in the  Tournament  of
 3    Champions in Springfield, Missouri, and the Centralia Holiday
 4    Tournament; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The  team  was  welcomed  home by their family,
 6    friends, and fans at a rally on March 17, 2002  at  Centralia
 7    High  School  in honor of their amazing third-place finish in
 8    the State Tournament; and

 9        WHEREAS, Centralia Basketball has come a long way in  the
10    past  96  years;  Centralia High School Basketball started in
11    1906 and was played in the basement of  "B"  Building,  which
12    had  a  twelve  foot high ceiling and supporting posts on the
13    playing floor; in 1922, play was moved to a new gym which had
14    seating only on the west side;  in  1936,  the  current  gym,
15    named  after  legendary coach A.L. Trout, was dedicated; A.L.
16    Trout served as coach from 1914  until  1950  and  holds  the
17    Illinois  High  School Boys Basketball coaching record of 809
18    wins at one school; and

19        WHEREAS, The  nickname  of  the  "Orphans"  came  from  a
20    comment  made  by  a  Chicago  sports  writer  in 1937 at the
21    Pontiac Holiday  Tournament  after  the  team  came  out  for
22    warm-ups  in  bedraggled  suits  and  warm-up jackets with no
23    buttons; Coach Trout liked the saying  and  tagged  the  club
24    Orphans, a tradition that continues to this day; and

25        WHEREAS, Centralia High School is listed ninth overall on
26    the  top  25  all-time winning boys basketball teams from the
27    NBA, college, and high  school  with  only  eight  NBA  teams
28    having more wins; therefore, be it

31    congratulate   the   Centralia   High   School  Boys  Varsity
32    Basketball Team on capturing third place honors at  the  2002
                            -3-               LRB9216473RHrhA
 1    IHSA  State  Class  AA  Boys Basketball Tournament; and be it
 2    further

 3        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 4    presented  to  the  Superintendent  of Centralia High School,
 5    Edgar Coller, Principal, Virgil  Moore,  Head  Coach/Athletic
 6    Director, Rick Moss, the assistant coaches, Chuck Lane, Roger
 7    Shaw,  Roger  Stieg, and Brent Stewart, and to each member of
 8    the Orphans team as an expression of our esteem.

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