State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The national economic downturn has  resulted  in
 3    layoffs and increased unemployment in Illinois; and

 4        WHEREAS, This downturn resulted in a decrease in expected
 5    revenue   to   State  government  and  local  governments  in
 6    Illinois, undermining their ability to meet  their  budgetary
 7    obligations  and  provide  needed  services,  even before the
 8    events of September 11, 2001; and

 9        WHEREAS, The sharp economic decline  since  September  11
10    has   increased  demand  for  services  from  all  levels  of
11    government and has  resulted  in  increased  expenditures  to
12    provide those services; and

13        WHEREAS,  Studies have shown that a majority of those who
14    lose their jobs do not  qualify  for  Unemployment  Insurance
15    under  current law and cannot afford to continue their health
16    insurance; and

17        WHEREAS, The fiscal demands on State government and local
18    governments in  Illinois  have  been  further  compounded  by
19    significantly  greater  expenditures for domestic security in
20    the wake of the September 11 attacks; and

21        WHEREAS, The federal  government  has  an  obligation  to
22    address the need for both increased domestic security and aid
23    to  those  harmed  by  the  economic  downturn as part of any
24    economic stimulus legislation; and

25        WHEREAS, Those goals cannot be met  if  federal  stimulus
26    legislation undermines the fiscal solvency of State and local
27    governments by reducing projected tax revenue; and

28        WHEREAS,  Meeting  those  goals  at  this  time  requires
29    increased  federal  assistance  to State government and local
30    governments in Illinois; and

                            -2-               LRB9211156RHrhA
 1        WHEREAS,  Federal  economic  legislation  that   includes
 2    accelerated depreciation for tax purposes by corporations and
 3    other  provisions  that artificially reduce the corporate tax
 4    base at the federal level will also significantly reduce  tax
 5    revenue to State government and local governments in Illinois
 6    by  as  much  as  a  projected $1 billion over the next three
 7    years; therefore, be it

10    we  oppose  any  federal  economic  stimulus legislation that
11    includes accelerated depreciation  or  other  measures  which
12    would  have  the effect of reducing corporate tax obligations
13    to the State of Illinois; and be it further

14        RESOLVED, That  the  Illinois  House  of  Representatives
15    urges federal lawmakers to include increased aid to State and
16    local   governments  in  any  stimulus  legislation  to  meet
17    increased needs for services and domestic security; and be it
18    further

19        RESOLVED, That  the  Illinois  House  of  Representatives
20    urges  that  federal  lawmakers  also  include  provisions to
21    expand access to Unemployment Insurance and health  insurance
22    for those who have lost their jobs; and be it further

23        RESOLVED,  That  the  Illinois  House  of Representatives
24    calls on the Illinois congressional delegation  to  take  the
25    lead  in  assuring  that  the  final  version  of the federal
26    economic stimulus meets these criteria; and be it further

27        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
28    presented  to  each  member  of  the  Illinois  congressional
29    delegation.

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