State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Illinois  Conference  of  Women  Legislators
 3    (COWL),  the  bi-partisan caucus of elected women legislators
 4    in both the House and the Senate,  is  organized  to  advance
 5    public  policies that improve the quality of life of Illinois
 6    women, children and families; and

 7        WHEREAS,  COWL's  goal  is  to  work  toward  educational
 8    opportunity and economic  independence  for  Illinois  women,
 9    helping  to  ensure  that  they  and their children will have
10    increased opportunity to  be  economic  contributors  to  the
11    State's economy, more likely to have quality health insurance
12    and  less  likely  to  be a victim of violence, ignorance and
13    disease; and

14        WHEREAS, COWL sponsors a variety of  policy  initiatives,
15    educational  and  community  support  efforts  to advance the
16    status of women, children and families in Illinois, requiring
17    the need for good research and capable staff; and

18        WHEREAS, In order to fund the important  bipartisan  work
19    of  the  COWL  agenda,  including the first Earned Income Tax
20    Credit for working  poor  families  of  Illinois,  it  became
21    necessary to raise funds in the private sector; and

22        WHEREAS,  The  members of COWL being, first and foremost,
23    politicians,   determined   that    another    rubber-chicken
24    fundraising  dinner  would  be  too  difficult  to digest and
25    believing that good humor and  healthy  camaraderie  enhances
26    the art and science of lawmaking; and

27        WHEREAS,  The  members of COWL searched wide and hard for
28    an  individual,  any  individual  -  even  one  of  the  male
29    persuasion - to assist in  their  challenge  to  raise  funds
30    using  good  taste,  humor  and camaraderie, only to discover
31    that the perfect and only individual to help was  none  other
                            -2-                LRB9211158RHrh
 1    than  the  same individual who has accomplished the same goal
 2    for lawyers, an eminently more difficult  task  than  dealing
 3    with state legislators; and

 4        WHEREAS,  COWL  was blessed to discover that one and only
 5    person in the  name  of  Mr.  Julian  Frazin  with  the  able
 6    assistance  of  his  lovely  wife,  Rhona, both of whom spent
 7    enough hours, days and weeks writing  lyrics,  singing  tunes
 8    and  choreographing  an otherwise klutzy group of politicians
 9    with questionable musical talent in the production of CAPITOL
10    CAPERS, enjoyed by the Governor George Ryan and his wife  and
11    many  other  distinguished members of elective office - o.k.,
12    maybe not so distinguished; therefore, be it

15    we  publicly  acknowledge  and  sincerely  extend our deepest
16    appreciation  to  Julian   and   Rhona   Frazin   for   their
17    significant,  invaluable and talented contributions to making
18    the Capitol Capers Show a  huge  success  and  bringing  good
19    humor and bipartisan camaraderie to the Illinois Capital City
20    of  Springfield  and  for  making  a  group of Republican and
21    Democratic  members  of  the  State  Senate  and   House   of
22    Representatives  redeem  themselves,  at least for one night;
23    and be it further

24        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
25    presented  to Julian and Rhona Frazin as a lasting memento of
26    our gratitude and good wishes.

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