State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of Representatives
 3    are honored to recognized milestone events in  the  lives  of
 4    the citizens of Illinois; and

 5        WHEREAS,  Alderman  Dennis  Drummer  will  step  down  as
 6    Evanston,  Illinois,  Second Ward alderman of 17 years and as
 7    the City Council's ranking senior member after the  April  3,
 8    2001 election; and

 9        WHEREAS,  Alderman  Dennis Drummer has served the city of
10    Evanston, Illinois as a successful businessman,  a  respected
11    community leader, and as a skilled politician; and

12        WHEREAS,  After  serving  in Vietnam as a sergeant in the
13    United States Army, Dennis Drummer moved to the Evanston area
14    where he opened a drapery business at Lake Street and Ashland
15    Avenue in 1975; behind his  business  was  a  corner  grocery
16    which became a safe haven for many of the school children; it
17    was  there  that he began his involvement with the community,
18    primarily a role-model type relationship with  the  children;
19    these  experiences  led  him  to  COE-POPS, a youth mentoring
20    organization, and helped him as an  alderman  when  gang  and
21    drug  activities  cropped  up in parts of the 2nd ward in the
22    early 1990's; and

23        WHEREAS, In 1984, then-Mayor Jay Lytle  appointed  Dennis
24    Drummer  to  fill  a  mid-term  aldermanic  vacancy; Alderman
25    Drummer intended only to  complete  the  appointed  term  and
26    serve one more term, however as problems developed in the 2nd
27    Ward, he felt that he could not move on without tackling them
28    first; and

29        WHEREAS,  A  small  businessman  amidst a group of mostly
30    lawyers, Alderman Drummer made his mark in the City  Council;
31    he  has  dealt  with many serious issues, one being the crime
                            -2-                LRB9208519RHrh
 1    problems that have consumed the Evanston community;  Alderman
 2    Drummer  rallied  the  neighborhood through marches and other
 3    gatherings and often interacted  with  the  families  of  the
 4    problem makers in an effort to combat crime in the area; and

 5        WHEREAS,   Many  of  Alderman  Drummer's  colleagues  and
 6    observers see him as the voice of compromise and reason in  a
 7    City  Council  that  in  recent  years  has  been marked with
 8    acrimony; with his independent way of  thinking,  he  quickly
 9    became  respected  on  both  sides  of the aisle; he has been
10    regarded as a "statesman and a public servant of the  highest
11    order"  due to his ability to leap beyond the specific matter
12    and immediate consequences at hand  and  concentrate  on  the
13    long-term best interest for the entire community; and

14        WHEREAS,  Alderman  Drummer  is  looking  forward to life
15    after retirement; he plans to  spend  time  with  his  family
16    especially  his  two  grandchildren,  Gabrielle  and Sinobia,
17    focus on his business, and engage in fishing and  a  host  of
18    projects  in  Louisiana, where he and his wife, Bernice, plan
19    to retire some day; therefore, be it

22    we  congratulate  Alderman  Dennis  Drummer on his retirement
23    from  seventeen  years  of  dedication  and  service  to  the
24    citizens of the 2nd Ward in Evanston, and we wish him well in
25    all of his future endeavors; and be it further

26        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
27    presented  to Alderman Dennis Drummer as an expression of our
28    esteem.

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