State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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                            STATE OF ILLINOIS
                         OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR
                           SPRINGFIELD, 62706
                             August 16, 2002
      To the Honorable Members of the
          Illinois House of Representatives
          92nd General Assembly
          Pursuant to Article VI,  Section  9(b)  of  the  Illinois
      Constitution  of 1970, I hereby veto House Bill 5961 entitled
      "AN ACT concerning well water."
          House Bill  5961  creates  the  Contaminated  Well  Water
      Revolving  Loan  Program  Fund  to  be  administered  by  the
      Illinois  Department of Public Health. The state-wide program
      would provide loans of up to $30,000 to help homeowners  with
      contaminated  water  wells  obtain  an alternative water well
      source. These interest-free loans  would  be  repaid  over  a
      thirty-year period.
          House  Bill 5961 originated because of water well quality
      problems in Downers Grove,  Illinois.  While  I  support  the
      concept  of  House Bill 5961 and believe it would be a useful
      tool in fighting private water  well  contamination,  it  was
      passed  without  identifying  a funding source for either the
      loans or additional administrative costs associated with  the
      program. Because I believe this is a very serious problem, my
      office  has  worked  diligently with the area legislators and
      the officials in Downers  Grove  and  nearby  communities  to
      address  the  specific water quality problems in the area. To
      this end, I recently approved House Bill 6061, which included
      $2  million  earmarked  specifically  to  help  provide   and
      alternative water source to those affected homeowners in most
      need  of  immediate  relief.  Additionally, I recently signed
      Senate Bill 2072 into law to assure notification of  affected
      homeowners  as  a  further means of reducing future problems.
      These  recent  actions  have   rendered   House   Bill   5961
      unnecessary.  Futhermore,  with  the  State's  current fiscal
      situation, I am not in favor of creating another program that
      places additional  pressure  on  an  already  strained  State
      revenue stream.
          For  these  reasons,  I hereby veto and return House Bill
                                             s/GEORGE H. RYAN

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