State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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HB4337 Enrolled                                LRB9214586SMsb

 1        AN ACT concerning property taxes.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The Property Tax Code is amended by changing
 5    Section 3-5 as follows:

 6        (35 ILCS 200/3-5)
 7        Sec. 3-5.  Supervisor of assessments.  In  counties  with
 8    less  than   3,000,000  inhabitants  and  in  which no county
 9    assessor has been elected under Section 3-45, there shall  be
10    a  county  supervisor  of  assessments,  either  appointed as
11    provided in this Section, or elected.
12        In counties with less than 3,000,000 inhabitants and  not
13    having an elected county assessor or an elected supervisor of
14    assessments, the office of supervisor of assessments shall be
15    filled  by appointment by the presiding officer of the county
16    board with the advice and consent of the county board.
17        To be eligible for appointment or to be eligible to  file
18    nomination  papers  or  participate  as  a  candidate  in any
19    primary or general election for, or be elected to, the office
20    of supervisor of assessments, or to enter upon the duties  of
21    the  office,  a  person  must  possess  one  of the following
22    qualifications as certified by the individual to  the  county
23    clerk:
24             (1)  a   Certified   Illinois   Assessing   Official
25        certificate   from   the   Illinois  Property  Assessment
26        Institute, plus  the  additional  training  required  for
27        additional compensation under Section 4-10.;
28             (2)  a  Certified  Assessment  Evaluator certificate
29        from   the   International   Association   of   Assessing
30        Officers.; or
31             (3)  a Member  of  the  Appraisal  Institute  (MAI),
HB4337 Enrolled             -2-                LRB9214586SMsb
 1        Residential  Member  (RM),  Senior  Real  Estate  Analyst
 2        (SREA),  Senior  Real  Property  Analyst (SRPA) or Senior
 3        Residential Analyst (SRA) certificate from the  Appraisal
 4        Institute or its predecessor organizations.
 5             (4)  If  the  person  has  served as a supervisor of
 6        assessments for 12 years or more,  a  Certified  Illinois
 7        Assessing Official certificate from the Illinois Property
 8        Assessment  Institute  with  a  minimum of 360 additional
 9        hours of successfully completed courses approved  by  the
10        Department if at least 180 of the course hours required a
11        written examination.
12        In  addition,  a  person  must have had at least 2 years'
13    experience in  the  field  of  property  sales,  assessments,
14    finance  or  appraisals  and  must have passed an examination
15    conducted  by  the  Department  to  determine  his   or   her
16    competence  to  hold  the  office.   The  examination  may be
17    conducted by the Department at a convenient location  in  the
18    county  or  region.   Notice  of  the time and place shall be
19    given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in
20    the counties, at least one  week  prior  to  the  exam.   The
21    Department  shall  certify  to the county board a list of the
22    names and scores of persons who  pass  the  examination.  The
23    Department may provide by rule the maximum time that the name
24    of  a  person who has passed the examination will be included
25    on a list of persons eligible for  appointment  or  election.
26    The  term  of  office  shall  be  4  years  from  the date of
27    appointment and until a successor is appointed and qualified.
28    (Source: P.A. 84-837; 86-905; 88-455.)

29        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
30    becoming law.

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