State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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HB3150 Engrossed                               LRB9201636MWpc

 1        AN ACT in relation to elections.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.   The  Election  Code  is  amended  by adding
 5    Section 29-14.5 as follows:

 6        (10 ILCS 5/29-14.5 new)
 7        Sec. 29-14.5.  Push-polling.
 8        (a) Any person engaging in push-polling must  (i)  inform
 9    the  person  contacted  that the call is being made on behalf
10    of, in support of, or in opposition to a particular candidate
11    or public question, (ii) identify that candidate by  name  or
12    identify the public question, and (iii) provide the telephone
13    number of the place from which the push-polling is conducted.
14        (b)  The  State  Board  of  Elections  may impose a civil
15    penalty of $10,000 upon any person, other than a  person  who
16    is  merely  an  employee of the person or entity who has been
17    contracted with to conduct  the  push-polling,  who  violates
18    this Section.
19        (c)  For  the  purposes  of  this Section, "push-polling"
20    means (i) calling voters on behalf of, in support of,  or  in
21    opposition  to  any  candidate  for  public  office or public
22    question;  (ii)  asking  questions   relating   to   opposing
23    candidates  for  that  public  office  that  state, imply, or
24    convey information about the opposing candidates'  character,
25    status,  or  political  stance  or record or asking questions
26    relating to the public question that state, imply, or  convey
27    information  favorable or unfavorable to the public question;
28    and (iii) conducting the call in a manner that is  likely  to
29    be  construed by the person receiving the call to be a survey
30    or  poll  to  gather  statistical  data   for   entities   or
31    organizations  that are acting independently of any political
HB3150 Engrossed            -2-                LRB9201636MWpc
 1    party, candidate, or interest  group.

 2        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act  takes  effect  on
 3    January 1, 2002.

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