State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT concerning automotive repair.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.   The  Automotive  Repair  Act  is amended by
 5    changing Section 15 as follows:

 6        (815 ILCS 306/15)
 7        Sec. 15. Disclosures to consumers; estimates.
 8        (a)  Disclosures required.  No work for compensation that
 9    exceeds   $100   shall   be   commenced   without    specific
10    authorization  from  the  consumer  after the disclosures set
11    forth in this Section.
12        (b)  Estimated  costs.   Every   motor   vehicle   repair
13    facility  shall  either  (i)  give to each consumer a written
14    estimated price for labor and parts for a specific repair and
15    shall not charge for work done or parts supplied in an amount
16    that exceeds the estimate by more than 10%  without  oral  or
17    written consent of the consumer or (ii) give to each consumer
18    a  written price limit for each specific repair and shall not
19    exceed that limit without oral  or  written  consent  of  the
20    consumer.   Either  option  shall  include an estimate of the
21    time necessary to complete the repair, if in  excess  of  one
22    working  day.  The  estimate shall include the total costs to
23    repair the vehicle.
24        Estimates shall include all charges to  be  paid  by  the
25    consumer  to  complete  the repair, including any charges for
26    estimates and diagnostics.  However,  transactions  involving
27    the  retail  purchase of merchandise when a facility installs
28    the merchandise as part of the transaction at the  discretion
29    of  the  customer  for  a firm price are not included.  These
30    transactions shall include  but  not  be  limited  to  tires,
31    batteries, oil, and lube jobs.
                            -2-                LRB9207463WHpr
 1             (1)  Description  of  parts.   Motor  vehicle repair
 2        facilities shall describe in the estimate the major parts
 3        needed to effectuate the repair and whether parts are new
 4        or used.
 5             (2)  Calculation of labor  costs.   Estimates  shall
 6        indicate that the motor vehicle repair facility may use a
 7        combination   of   industry  standard  flat  rate  (time)
 8        manuals, actual time, or  condition  of  the  vehicle  to
 9        determine  labor costs.  This disclosure mandate may also
10        be fulfilled by means of a sign that  provides  the  same
11        information to the consumer.  Such a sign shall be posted
12        at a location that can be easily viewed by the consumer.
13             (3)  Required or suggested repairs.  Estimates shall
14        indicate  whether  the  estimated repairs are required or
15        suggested.
16             (4)  Disassembly and reassembly charges.  If  it  is
17        necessary  to  disassemble,  or  partially disassemble, a
18        vehicle or vehicle component  in  order  to  provide  the
19        consumer  with  a written estimate for required repair or
20        maintenance, the estimate shall  show  the  cost  of  any
21        disassembly  or  reassembly,  or  both,  if  the consumer
22        elects not to proceed with the repair or  maintenance  of
23        the vehicle.
24             (5)  Date.   The estimate shall include the date the
25        estimate  was  prepared  or  the  date  the  vehicle  was
26        presented to the motor vehicle repair facility for repair
27        or servicing,  or  both,  the  odometer  reading  on  the
28        vehicle  at  the  time it was left with the motor vehicle
29        repair facility, and a promised date of delivery.
30        (c)  Return of replaced parts. At the time the work order
31    is taken, the motor vehicle repair facility  shall  offer  to
32    return  or show the replaced parts to the consumer. The motor
33    vehicle repair facility  shall  return  or  display  replaced
34    parts to the consumer upon the completion of the work, except
                            -3-                LRB9207463WHpr
 1    those  parts  that  the  motor  vehicle  repair  facility  is
 2    required to return to the manufacturer or distributor under a
 3    written  warranty  or  exchange  agreement. The motor vehicle
 4    repair facility shall not be required to show a replaced part
 5    if no charge is being made for the replaced part.  The  motor
 6    vehicle  repair facility is required to retain replaced parts
 7    only until the consumer takes possession of the vehicle.
 8    (Source: P.A. 90-426, eff. 1-1-98.)

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