State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT concerning municipal planning.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section   5.   The  Illinois Municipal Code is amended by
 5    changing Section 11-12-5 and by  adding  Sections  11-12-10.5
 6    and 11-12-14 as follows:

 7        (65 ILCS 5/11-12-5) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-12-5)
 8        Sec.   11-12-5.    Every  plan  commission  and  planning
 9    department authorized by this division 12 has  the  following
10    powers  and  whenever  in  this  division  12  the  term plan
11    commission is used such term shall be deemed to  include  the
12    term planning department:
13        (1)  To   prepare   and   recommend   to   the  corporate
14    authorities a comprehensive plan for the present  and  future
15    development  or  redevelopment of the municipality. Such plan
16    may be adopted  in  whole  or  in  separate  geographical  or
17    functional  parts,  each of which, when adopted, shall be the
18    official  comprehensive  plan,  or  part  thereof,  of   that
19    municipality.  This  plan may include reasonable requirements
20    with reference to streets, alleys, public grounds, and  other
21    improvements  hereinafter specified. The plan, as recommended
22    by the plan commission  and  as  thereafter  adopted  in  any
23    municipality  in  this  State, may be made applicable, by the
24    terms thereof, to land situated within the  corporate  limits
25    and contiguous territory not more than one and one-half miles
26    beyond   the   corporate  limits  and  not  included  in  any
27    municipality. Such plan may be implemented by ordinances  (a)
28    establishing  reasonable standards of design for subdivisions
29    and for  resubdivisions  of  unimproved  land  and  of  areas
30    subject to redevelopment in respect to public improvements as
31    herein  defined;  (b)  establishing  reasonable  requirements
                            -2-               LRB9202513MWdvA
 1    governing  the  location,  width,  course,  and  surfacing of
 2    public streets and highways, alleys, ways for public  service
 3    facilities,  curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lights, parks,
 4    playgrounds, school grounds, size of  lots  to  be  used  for
 5    residential  purposes, storm water drainage, water supply and
 6    distribution, sanitary  sewers,  and  sewage  collection  and
 7    treatment; and (c) may designate land suitable for annexation
 8    to the municipality and the recommended zoning classification
 9    for such land upon annexation.
10        In  order  to qualify for assistance under subsection (b)
11    of Section 11-12-10.5 of this Code,  the  comprehensive  plan
12    must include the following elements:
13             (1)  Issues  and  opportunities. The purpose of this
14        element is to state the vision of the community, identify
15        the  major  trends  and  forces   affecting   the   local
16        government and its citizens, set goals and standards, and
17        serve as a series of guiding principles and priorities to
18        implement the vision.
19             (2)  Land  use and natural resources. The purpose of
20        this element is to translate the  vision  statement  into
21        physical   terms;  provide  a  general  pattern  for  the
22        location, distribution,  and  characteristics  of  future
23        land uses over a 20 year period; and serve as the element
24        of  the  comprehensive plan upon which all other elements
25        are based.  The land use element must be in text and  map
26        form.   It must include supporting studies on population,
27        the local economy, natural resources, and an inventory of
28        existing land uses.
29             (3)  Transportation. The purpose of this element  is
30        to   consider   all  relevant  modes  of  transportation,
31        including mass transit,  air,  water,  rail,  automobile,
32        bicycle,   and   pedestrian   modes   of  transportation;
33        accommodate special needs; establish  the  framework  for
34        the acquisition, preservation, and protection of existing
                            -3-               LRB9202513MWdvA
 1        and  future rights-of-way; and incorporate transportation
 2        performance measures.
 3             (4)  Community facilities (schools,  parks,  police,
 4        fire  and  water and sewer).  The purpose of this element
 5        is to provide for community facilities; establish  levels
 6        of  service;  ensure  that  facilities  are  provided  as
 7        needed;   and   coordinate  with  other  units  of  local
 8        government that provide the needed facilities.
 9             (5)  Telecommunications infrastructure.  The purpose
10        of  this  element  is  to  coordinate  telecommunications
11        initiatives; assess short and long term needs, especially
12        regarding economic development;  determine  the  location
13        and   capacity   of  existing  infrastructure;  encourage
14        investment  in  the  most  advanced   technologies;   and
15        establish  a framework for providing reasonable access to
16        public rights-of-way.
17             (6)  Housing.  The purpose of  this  element  is  to
18        document  the present and future needs for housing within
19        the   jurisdiction   of   the   municipality,   including
20        affordable housing and special needs housing;  take  into
21        account  the  housing  needs of a larger region; identify
22        barriers  to  the  production   of   housing,   including
23        affordable  housing;  access  the  condition of the local
24        housing stock;  and  develop  strategies,  programs,  and
25        other  action to address the needs for a range of housing
26        options.
27             (7)  Economic  development.   The  purpose  of  this
28        element  is  to  coordinate  local  economic  development
29        initiatives with those of the State; ensure that adequate
30        economic   development   opportunities   are   available;
31        identify the  strategic  competitive  advantages  of  the
32        community  and surrounding region; assess the community's
33        strengths and weaknesses with respect to  attracting  and
34        retaining   business   and   industry;   and  define  the
                            -4-               LRB9202513MWdvA
 1        municipality's role.
 2             (8)  Natural resources.  The purpose of this element
 3        is to identify and define the natural  resources  in  the
 4        community  with respect to water, land, flora, and fauna;
 5        identify the land and water areas in  relation  to  these
 6        resources;  assess the relative importance of these areas
 7        to the needs of the resources;  and  identify  mitigation
 8        efforts that are needed to protect these resources.
 9             (9)  Public participation. This element must include
10        a  process  for  engaging  the community in outreach; the
11        development of a sense of community; a consensus building
12        processes; and a public education strategy.
13             (10)   Comprehensive  plans  may  also  include  the
14        following: critical and sensitive areas; natural hazards;
15        agriculture  and  forest  preservation;  human  services;
16        community   design;   historic   preservation;   and  the
17        adoptions  of  subplans,  as  needed.   The  decision  on
18        whether to include these elements  in  the  comprehensive
19        plan  shall  be  based  on  the  needs  of the particular
20        municipality.
21        (2)  To recommend changes, from  time  to  time,  in  the
22    official comprehensive plan.
23        (3)  To   prepare   and   recommend   to   the  corporate
24    authorities,  from  time  to   time,   plans   for   specific
25    improvements in pursuance of the official comprehensive plan.
26        (4)  To  give aid to the municipal officials charged with
27    the direction of projects for  improvements  embraced  within
28    the  official  plan, to further the making of these projects,
29    and, generally, to promote the realization  of  the  official
30    comprehensive plan.
31        (5)  To   prepare   and   recommend   to   the  corporate
32    authorities schemes for regulating or  forbidding  structures
33    or  activities  which  may  hinder  access  to  solar  energy
34    necessary for the proper functioning of solar energy systems,
                            -5-               LRB9202513MWdvA
 1    as  defined  in Section 1.2 of The Comprehensive Solar Energy
 2    Act of 1977, or to recommend changes in such schemes.
 3        (6)  To exercise such other powers germane to the  powers
 4    granted  by this article as may be conferred by the corporate
 5    authorities.
 6    (Source: P.A. 86-614; 86-1039.)

 7        (65 ILCS 5/11-12-10.5 new)
 8        Sec. 11-12-10.5. Consistency of land use regulations  and
 9    actions with comprehensive plan.
10        (a)  If  a  municipality  is  receiving  assistance under
11    subsection (b), no later than 5  years  after  the  effective
12    date  of  this  amendatory  Act of the 92nd General Assembly,
13    land  development  regulations,  including  amendments  to  a
14    zoning map, and any land use actions must be consistent  with
15    the  local  comprehensive  plan.  "Land  use actions" include
16    preliminary or final approval of a subdivision plat, approval
17    of a planned unit development, approval of a conditional use,
18    granting of a variance, or a decision  by  a  unit  of  local
19    government  to  construct a capital improvement, acquire land
20    for community facilities, or both.
21        (b)   Municipalities   that   have    adopted    official
22    comprehensive  plans  in  accordance with this Division 12 of
23    Article 11 of  this  Code  may  be  eligible  for  additional
24    preferences  in  State  economic  development programs, State
25    transportation  programs,  State  planning  programs,   State
26    natural  resources  programs, State agriculture programs, and
27    other programs that affect growth and development.

28        (65 ILCS 5/11-12-14 new)
29        Sec. 11-12-14.  Local Planning Fund.  The Local  Planning
30    Fund  is established as a special fund in the State treasury.
31    Moneys in the Fund may be used, subject to appropriation,  to
32    implement  and  administer  this  amendatory  Act of the 92nd
                            -6-               LRB9202513MWdvA
 1    General Assembly.

 2        Section 10. The State Finance Act is  amended  by  adding
 3    Section 5.545 as follows:

 4        (30 ILCS 105/5.545 new)
 5        Sec. 5.545. The Local Planning Fund.

 6        Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
 7    becoming law.

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