State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT in relation to gambling.

 2        Be it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The  Illinois  Horse  Racing  Act of 1975 is
 5    amended by adding Section 34.2 as follows:

 6        (230 ILCS 5/34.2 new)
 7        Sec. 34.2. Prohibition against post-dated checks.
 8        (a)  An  organization  licensee  may   not   conduct   or
 9    authorize any of the following at its race track or at any of
10    its  inter-track  locations or inter-track wagering locations
11    nor may any other person conduct any of the  following  at  a
12    race  track,  inter-track  location,  or inter-track wagering
13    location:
14             (1)  the cashing of any post-dated check; or
15             (2)  the  cashing  of   any   State   or   municipal
16        government check.
17        (b)  A person who violates this Section commits a Class B
18    misdemeanor.

19        Section  10.  The  Riverboat  Gambling  Act is amended by
20    adding Section 13.2 and changing Section 18 as follows:

21        (230 ILCS 10/13.2 new)
22        Sec. 13.2.  Prohibition against post-dated checks.
23        (a)  An owners licensee or any other person may not:
24             (1)  authorize the cashing of any  post-dated  check
25        on a riverboat or on its dock; or
26             (2)  authorize the cashing of any State or municipal
27        government check on a riverboat or on its dock.

28        (230 ILCS 10/18) (from Ch. 120, par. 2418)
                            -2-                LRB9207300LDpr
 1        Sec. 18.  Prohibited Activities - Penalty.
 2        (a)  A  person  is  guilty  of  a Class A misdemeanor for
 3    doing any of the following:
 4             (1)  Conducting gambling where wagering is  used  or
 5        to be used without a license issued by the Board.
 6             (2)  Conducting gambling where wagering is permitted
 7        other than in the manner specified by Section 11.
 8        (b)  A  person  is  guilty  of  a Class B misdemeanor for
 9    doing any of the following:
10             (1)  permitting a person under 21 years  to  make  a
11        wager; or
12             (2)  violating  paragraph  (12) of subsection (a) of
13        Section 11 of this Act; or.
14             (3)  violating Section 13.2 of this Act.
15        (c)  A person  wagering  or  accepting  a  wager  at  any
16    location outside the riverboat is subject to the penalties in
17    paragraphs  (1)  or  (2) of subsection (a) of Section 28-1 of
18    the Criminal Code of 1961.
19        (d)  A person commits a Class 4 felony and, in  addition,
20    shall   be   barred   for  life  from  riverboats  under  the
21    jurisdiction of the Board, if the  person  does  any  of  the
22    following:
23             (1)  Offers, promises, or gives anything of value or
24        benefit  to  a  person  who is connected with a riverboat
25        owner including,  but  not  limited  to,  an  officer  or
26        employee of a licensed owner or holder of an occupational
27        license  pursuant  to an agreement or arrangement or with
28        the intent that the promise or thing of value or  benefit
29        will  influence  the  actions  of  the person to whom the
30        offer, promise, or gift was made in order  to  affect  or
31        attempt  to  affect the outcome of a gambling game, or to
32        influence official action of a member of the Board.
33             (2)  Solicits or knowingly  accepts  or  receives  a
34        promise  of anything of value or benefit while the person
                            -3-                LRB9207300LDpr
 1        is connected with a riverboat including, but not  limited
 2        to, an officer or employee of a licensed owner, or holder
 3        of  an occupational license, pursuant to an understanding
 4        or arrangement or with the intent  that  the  promise  or
 5        thing  of  value or benefit will influence the actions of
 6        the person to affect or attempt to affect the outcome  of
 7        a  gambling  game,  or  to influence official action of a
 8        member of the Board.
 9             (3)  Uses or possesses with  the  intent  to  use  a
10        device to assist:
11                  (i)  In projecting the outcome of the game.
12                  (ii)  In keeping track of the cards played.
13                  (iii)  In  analyzing  the  probability  of  the
14             occurrence  of  an  event  relating  to the gambling
15             game.
16                  (iv)  In analyzing the strategy for playing  or
17             betting  to  be used in the game except as permitted
18             by the Board.
19             (4)  Cheats at a gambling game.
20             (5)  Manufactures, sells, or distributes any  cards,
21        chips,  dice, game or device which is intended to be used
22        to violate any provision of this Act.
23             (6)  Alters  or  misrepresents  the  outcome  of   a
24        gambling  game  on  which wagers have been made after the
25        outcome is made sure but before it  is  revealed  to  the
26        players.
27             (7)  Places  a  bet  after  acquiring knowledge, not
28        available to all players, of the outcome of the  gambling
29        game  which  is  subject of the bet or to aid a person in
30        acquiring the knowledge for the purpose of placing a  bet
31        contingent on that outcome.
32             (8)  Claims,  collects,  or  takes,  or  attempts to
33        claim, collect, or take, money or anything of value in or
34        from the gambling games, with intent to defraud,  without
                            -4-                LRB9207300LDpr
 1        having  made  a  wager  contingent  on winning a gambling
 2        game, or claims, collects, or takes an amount of money or
 3        thing of value of greater value than the amount won.
 4             (9)  Uses counterfeit chips or tokens in a  gambling
 5        game.
 6             (10)  Possesses  any  key or device designed for the
 7        purpose of opening, entering, or affecting the  operation
 8        of  a  gambling  game,  drop  box,  or  an  electronic or
 9        mechanical device connected with the gambling game or for
10        removing coins, tokens,  chips or  other  contents  of  a
11        gambling  game.   This paragraph (10) does not apply to a
12        gambling licensee or  employee  of  a  gambling  licensee
13        acting in furtherance of the employee's employment.
14        (e)  The  possession  of  more  than  one  of the devices
15    described in subsection (d),  paragraphs  (3),  (5)  or  (10)
16    permits  a rebuttable presumption that the possessor intended
17    to use the devices for cheating.
18        An action to prosecute any crime occurring on a riverboat
19    shall be tried in  the  county  of  the  dock  at  which  the
20    riverboat is based.
21    (Source: P.A. 91-40, eff. 6-25-99.)

22        Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
23    becoming law.

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