91st General Assembly
Summary of SB1007
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Short description: 
STATE EMPLOYMENT-TECH                                                      

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Personnel Code.  Makes stylistic changes to the  title      
          FISCAL NOTE, H-AM 1 (Department of Labor)                            
          There would be no fiscal impact on the Department.                   
          STATE MANDATES NOTE, H-AM 1                                          
          (Department of Commerce and Community Affairs)                       
          This legislation does not meet the definition of a State             
          mandate under the State Mandates Act.                                
          HOME RULE NOTE, H-AM 1                                               
          (Department of Commerce and Community Affairs)                       
          This legislation does not pertain to the powers and functions        
          of home rule units of government.                                    
        HOUSE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                 
          Deletes reference to:                                                
          20 ILCS 415/1                                                        
          Adds reference to:                                                   
          New Act                                                              
        Deletes everything.  Creates the Broadcasting Industry Freedom of      
   Employment Act.  Provides that an employment contract or agreement  in      
   the  broadcasting  industry that restricts the right of an employee to      
   obtain employment in a  specified  geographic  area  for  a  specified      
   period   of   time   after  termination  of  employment  is  void  and      
   unenforceable with respect to that provision.  Provides  for  a  civil      
   action  to  enforce  an  employee's  rights  under the Act.  Effective      
Last action on Bill: SESSION SINE DIE

   Last action date: 01-01-09

           Location: Senate

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   1     SENATE -   0


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