91st General Assembly
Summary of HB1164
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PROBATION OFFICERS                                                         

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Probation and Probation Officers Act.  Provides that a      
   probation officer must take and subscribe an  oath  before  the  Chief      
   Judge  (now  the  oath is taken before the county clerk).  Deletes the      
   provision that the probation officer must  be  a  full-time  employee.      
   Amends  the  Adoption  Act.  Eliminates the provision that permits the      
   court, outside Cook County, to appoint  a  probation  officer  of  the      
   court  to  investigate  a  petitioner seeking adoption of an unrelated      
   child instead of a child welfare agency approved by the Department  of      
   Children and Family Services.                                               
          JUDICIAL NOTE (Administrative Office of Illinois Courts)             
          There would be no decrease or increase in the number of judges       
          FISCAL NOTE (Department of Children and Family Services)             
          There would be no fiscal impact on DCFS.                             
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                
          Deletes reference to:                                                
          730 ILCS 110/15                                                      
        Eliminates amendatory  change  to  the  Probation  and  Probation      
   Officers  Act that permitted part-time employees to serve as probation      
Last action on Bill: PUBLIC ACT.............................. 91-0429

   Last action date: 99-08-06

           Location: House

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   0     SENATE -   1


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