91st General Assembly
Status of SB0085
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   815 ILCS 505/2JJ new                                                        

        Amends the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business  Practices  Act.      
   Makes  it an unlawful practice for an officer, manager, or employee of      
   a retail mercantile establishment to sell, give, or permit access by a      
   person who is not an officer,  manager,  or  employee  of  the  retail      
   mercantile   establishment   to   any   information  contained  in  an      
   application for a shoppers club membership or  information  concerning      
   purchases  of  merchandise  with  the  shoppers  club card without the      
   consent of the applicant or member.                                         
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                
        Deletes  everything  after  the  enacting  clause.   Amends   the      
   Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.  Provides that it      
   is  an  unlawful  practice  under  the  Act  for  any person who is an      
   officer, manager or employee of a merchant to knowingly disclose to  a      
   person  other  than  the  merchant's  officers,  managers,  employees,      
   vendors, agents or consultants either (i) the identity of an applicant      
   to, or member of, the merchant's shoppers club or (ii) the identity of      
   a  shopper  club  member's actual purchases of merchandise, unless the      
   applicant or member consents  to  the  disclosure.  Provides  that  an      
   applicant's or member's consent is presumed if the applicant or member      
   is  given  the written opportunity to retain the non-disclosure rights      
   provided for in this Section but fails  to  so  affirmatively  direct.      
   Provides  that  there is no private cause of action for a violation of      
   these provisions.                                                           
   99-01-27  S  FIRST READING                                                  
   99-01-27  S  REFERRED TO SENATE RULES COMMITTEE       RULES                 
   99-02-03  S       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               COMM & INDUST         
   99-02-26  S                                 POSTPONED                       
   99-03-04  S                             AMENDMENT NO. 01-COMM & INDUS  S    
   99-03-04  S                                   ADOPTED                       
   99-03-04  S       DO PASS AS AMENDED                  007-001-000   SCED    
   99-03-04  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 2ND READING  99-03-09              
   99-03-11  S  SECOND READING                                                 
   99-03-11  S  PLACED ON CALENDAR ORDER OF 3RD READING  99-03-16              
   99-03-23  S  THIRD READING - PASSED                   057-000-000           
   99-03-23  H  ARRIVE IN HOUSE                                                
   99-03-23  H  PLACED CALENDAR ORDER OF FIRST READING                         
   99-03-24  H  HOUSE SPONSOR                            ZICKUS                
   99-03-24  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   99-03-24  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   99-03-26  H       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               CONSUMER PROT         
   99-04-14  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 MITCHELL,BILL         
   99-04-14  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 O'CONNOR              
   99-04-14  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 MYERS,RICHARD         
   99-04-14  H  ADDED AS A JOINT SPONSOR                 RIGHTER               
   99-04-22  H  DO PASS/SHORT DEBATE                     008-000-000   HCON    
   99-04-22  H  PLACED CALENDAR 2ND READING-SHORT DEBATE                       
   99-05-04  H  SECOND READING-SHORT DEBATE                                    
   99-05-04  H  PLCD CAL ORDER 3RD READING-SHORT DEBATE                        
   99-05-05  H  THIRD READING/SHORT DEBATE/PASSED        117-000-000           
   99-05-05  S  PASSED BOTH HOUSES                                             
   99-06-03  S  SENT TO THE GOVERNOR                                           
   99-07-29  S  GOVERNOR APPROVED                                              
   99-07-29  S                            EFFECTIVE DATE 00-01-01              
   99-07-29  S  PUBLIC ACT.............................. 91-0348               


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