State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    express  their  sincere condolences to the family and friends
 4    of John Sprague, Sr., of Belleville, Illinois,  who  recently
 5    passed away; and

 6        WHEREAS,  John  Sprague,  Sr.  was  born  in  Belleville,
 7    Illinois on July 8, 1915; his parents were Reno (John) Nelson
 8    Sprague  and  Katherine  (Rohr)  Sprague;  he was the seventh
 9    great-grandson of the pilgrim  Francis  Sprague  of  Duxbury,
10    Massachusetts; and

11        WHEREAS,  John  Sprague,  Sr.  attended  St. Luke's Grade
12    School, Belleville Township High School, and was graduate  of
13    St.  Louis  University,  where he graduated with a Bachelor's
14    degree in law in 1937; and

15        WHEREAS, John Sprague, Sr. was active in the  Boy  Scouts
16    of  America, where he reached the rank of Eagle Scout; he was
17    a member of Delta Theta Phi National Legal Fraternity and the
18    Alpha Sigma Nu National Jesuit honorary fraternity; he was  a
19    member  of  the Elks, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and the
20    Executive Board of the Kaskaskia Boy Scout Council; and

21        WHEREAS, John Sprague, Sr. practiced law in the  city  of
22    Belleville from 1937 until his passing; and

23        WHEREAS,  John  Sprague,  Sr.  attended officer candidate
24    school in Miami, Florida, and served as a United States Naval
25    officer; he taught seamanship at Princeton and served on  the
26    USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90) during World War II; and

27        WHEREAS,  John Sprague, Sr. traveled the world and was an
28    avid hunter and fisherman; he  was  active  in  politics  and
29    served  as  the Democratic County Chairman for many years; he
30    also served on the board of directors of Magna Bank; and
                            -2-                LRB9115196KBkb
 1        WHEREAS, The passing of John Sprague, Sr. will be felt by
 2    all who knew him,  especially  his  sons,  John  Reno  (wife,
 3    Donna),  Robert  Joseph  (wife,  Patricia), and Theodore Reno
 4    (wife, Natalie);  his  daughters,  Mary  Catherine  (husband,
 5    John)  Langsdorf  and  Heather Ann (husband, John) Wilmesher;
 6    his sisters, Catherine Rose "Dolly" (husband, Bert) Olsen and
 7    Emma Francis  Simmons;  his  grandchildren,  Desiree  Yulonda
 8    Cravens,  Stuart  Alexander  Sprague,  Reno  Joseph  Sprague,
 9    Jennifer  Adeile  Moretton,  Robert  Chamblin  Sprague, Jared
10    Robert  Kirby,  and  John  Robert  Wilmesher;  and  his   six
11    great-grandchildren; therefore, be it

13    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along  with
14    all  who knew and loved him, the passing of John Sprague, Sr.
15    of Belleville, Illinois; and be it further

16        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
17    presented to the family of John Sprague, Sr..

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