State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, We celebrate the life  of  Charles  A.  Lindberg
 3    Shaw; and

 4        WHEREAS, Charles A. Lindberg Shaw was born on October 22,
 5    1934  in  Fulton,  Arkansas; he was the third of six children
 6    born to the union of Gertrude Reed Shaw and William  McKinley
 7    Shaw; and

 8        WHEREAS,  Charles began his education in Fulton, Arkansas
 9    and completed it in Chicago, Illinois; and

10        WHEREAS, Charles A. Lindberg Shaw  was  employed  by  the
11    City  of  Chicago for 35 1/2 years; through his commitment to
12    public service he rose through the ranks from laborer to  the
13    position  of  Superintendent  of  Streets  and Sanitation; he
14    retired  from  the  City  of  Chicago   as   the   9th   Ward
15    Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation in 1997; and

16        WHEREAS, Charles A. Lindberg Shaw surrendered his life to
17    Christ  in 1965 when he was baptized at Lawndale Presbyterian
18    Church; he served as the President of the Usher Board and  as
19    a  Trustee;  he  later  served as an Elder and Trustee of the
20    Roseland Presbyterian Church and as an Elder  at  Birth-Grace
21    Presbyterian  Church  where he was a member until his journey
22    to be with the Lord; and

23        WHEREAS, Brother Charles Shaw, as he  was  known  amongst
24    his  fellow  Masonic Fraternity brothers, was a member of the
25    John G. Jones Lodge #2 of the St. John's Grand AF&AM  Chapter
26    of  Illinois; he joined the Fraternity in 1980 and earned the
27    Scottish Rite Degree (32nd degree),  Sublime  Prince  of  the
28    Royal Secret; and

29        WHEREAS,  Charles  A. Lindberg Shaw will be missed by all
30    those who knew and loved him,  especially  his  loving  wife,
31    Ernestine  M. (Butler) Shaw; his daughters, Sandra Shaw-James
                            -2-                LRB9114698KBkb
 1    and   Audrey   Shaw-Atkins;   his   brothers,   Rufus   Shaw,
 2    Commissioner Robert Shaw,  Senator  William  Shaw,  Mayor  of
 3    Dolton;  his  sister,  Bobbie Shaw Brown; his granddaughters,
 4    Kecia James-Willis, Krystal  Atkins,  Sandra  Atkins,  Audrey
 5    James,   and   Ackimberly   Joi  Atkins-Cartmill;  his  great
 6    granddaughters, Amber, Tangela, Kayla, and Airel; his nieces,
 7    nephews, cousins, and a bounty of friends; he was preceded in
 8    death by his brother, James Eugene Shaw; and

 9        WHEREAS, Charles A. Lindberg Shaw was a devoted  husband,
10    loving  father,  grandfather,  and  great  grandfather  and a
11    committed  member  of  his  church,  lodge,  and   community;
12    therefore, be it

14    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we send  our  sincere
15    condolences  to  the  members of the Charles A. Lindberg Shaw
16    family; and be it further

17        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
18    presented  to  the  family  of  Charles A. Lindberg Shaw as a
19    loving memory and a tribute to the celebration of his life.

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