State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Senate were saddened to learn
 3    of the death of Mrs. Alice Grooms-Cobbs of East St. Louis  on
 4    November 20, 1999; and

 5        WHEREAS,  She  was  born  in Wilson County, Tennessee, on
 6    July 9, 1913, the daughter of the late John Rass  and  Willie
 7    Thompson  Grooms;  she  spent  her  early  life in Watertown,
 8    Tennessee, where she received her education; and

 9        WHEREAS, She was married  to  the  late  Floyd  Cobbs  on
10    February  14,  1937 and to this union were born two children;
11    she was a devoted wife and mother and always put  her  family
12    first; and

13        WHEREAS,  "Miss Alice", as she was commonly called, moved
14    to East St. Louis  in  the  early  1990s  to  live  with  her
15    daughter;  she  loved  everyone  and  showed  her  wisdom and
16    principles for Christian living to all; and

17        WHEREAS, Her passing will be deeply felt  by  her  family
18    and  friends,  especially  her son and daughter-in-law, David
19    and Margaret Cobbs; her daughter,  Ruth  E.  Cobbs-Clayborne;
20    her  granddaughter,  Amy  Gill; her brother, Bobby T. Grooms;
21    her sisters-in-law, Edna Grooms and Naomi Grooms; her adopted
22    daughter and her granddaughter, Yolanda  Green  and  Shyneria
23    Graham;  and  a host of nieces, nephews, and other relatives;
24    therefore, be it

26    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we note with sorrow
27    and regret the death of Mrs. Alice  Grooms-Cobbs  and  extend
28    our  sincere condolences to her family and friends; and be it
29    further

30        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
31    presented to her family.

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