State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Senate were saddened to learn
 3    of the death of Mrs.  Sondra  Boston-Johnson  of  Chicago  on
 4    December 28, 1999; and

 5        WHEREAS,  She  was born in Chicago on April 28, 1939, the
 6    daughter  of  Clarissa  and  William  Modeste;  she  attended
 7    Feisenthal Elementary School and Du Sable  High  School;  she
 8    furthered   her   education   in  health  care,  receiving  a
 9    certificate as a licensed practical nurse, and later earned a
10    Bachelor of Science Degree in Education  from  Chicago  State
11    University and a Master's of Science in Public Administration
12    from the Illinois Institute of Technology; and

13        WHEREAS,  On  May  5,  1989 she wed the love of her life,
14    Adrian  Johnson;  together   they   enjoyed   traveling   and
15    vacationing at their summer home in Michigan; and

16        WHEREAS, She started as a Head Start Teacher at the Lower
17    North  Center; she began her career as a social worker at the
18    Chicago Association for Retarded Citizens in 1973 and shortly
19    after became a Director of one of their residential programs;
20    she was soon promoted to Coordinator of Residential Services;
21    and

22        WHEREAS, Her final position with C.A.R.C. was Director of
23    Building Acquisitions and Management; and

24        WHEREAS, She was a loving and sharing person,  who  loved
25    life, people, and sharing her wisdom; and

26        WHEREAS,  Her  passing  will be deeply felt by her family
27    and friends, especially her husband,  Adrian;  her  children,
28    Lisa  Martin and Lorenzo Modeste; her stepson, Kevin Johnson;
29    her daughters-in-law, Jackie Modeste and Maria  Johnson;  her
30    grandchildren,  Avilla  and Clarissa Martin and Jose Modeste;
31    her  brother  and  sister-in-law,  Charles  and  Paula;   her
                            -2-                LRB9110652CBcb
 1    "Sister"  Sherlene;  her  long  time  friend,  Janet; and her
 2    special aunt, Willa Mae, and  other  relatives  and  friends;
 3    therefore, be it

 5    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we note  with  sorrow
 6    and  regret the death of Sondra Boston-Johnson and extend our
 7    deepest condolences to her family  and  friends;  and  be  it
 8    further

 9        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
10    presented to the family of Sondra Boston-Johnson.

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