State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, It has come to the  attention  of  the  Illinois
 3    Senate that Ralph Allen Killey of Monmouth, Illinois recently
 4    passed away; and

 5        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey was born in Lenox Township in
 6    Warren  County  on  March  7, 1908; his parents were P.I. and
 7    Alice Winebright Killey; he was a graduate of  Monmouth  High
 8    School  and  attended  Brown's Business College in Galesburg,
 9    Illinois; and

10        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey married Frances Ada Brent  on
11    May  27,  1932,  in  Monmouth,  Illinois; she preceded him in
12    death; and

13        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey was a  member  of  the  First
14    United Methodist Church of Monmouth; he served as Lay Leader,
15    Adult  Superintendent,  Chairman of Trustees, and Chairman of
16    the Building Committee for the $240,000 Educational Building;
17    in 1961 he was named Outstanding Methodist Man by the church;
18    and

19        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey was  a  farmer  and  stockman
20    until  his  retirement in 1992; he lived in Lenox Township on
21    the Century Farm of the Killey family; and

22        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey served as Co-Chairman of  the
23    fund drive for the $4,000,000 Community Memorial Hospital; he
24    was  President  and  Beef Chairman of the Warren County Prime
25    Beef Festival, and was honored in 1994 by being  named  Prime
26    Beef  Festival  Parade Marshall, along with his wife; he also
27    was a member of the Board of Directors of the Monmouth  Trust
28    and Savings Bank; and

29        WHEREAS,  Ralph Allen Killey was a member of the Monmouth
30    Rotary Club and a Paul  Harris  Fellows;  he  was  a  60-year
31    member of the Roseville Masonic Lodge #519 A.F. & A.M. and he
                            -2-                LRB9110303KBkb
 1    was Worshipful Master in 1946; he was Past High Priest of the
 2    Warren Chapter #30 R.A.M. and a member of the Mohammed Shrine
 3    in Peoria and the Western Illinois Shrine Club; and

 4        WHEREAS,  Ralph Allen Killey was a member of the Board of
 5    Education of the Roseville Schools; during his  time  on  the
 6    board,  the  Roseville Community Unit District was formed and
 7    he served as the first President of the Unit District; he was
 8    a Republican Precinct  Committeeman  for  20  years  and  the
 9    County Chairman for 10 years; and

10        WHEREAS,  Ralph  Allen  Killey was Past Vice President of
11    the YMCA Building Fund Drive;  he  served  as  Warren  County
12    Chairman  of  the Health Improvement Association and Director
13    of District 3; for 5 years he was State Vice President of the
14    Illinois Health Improvement Association; and

15        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey was a member  of  the  Warren
16    County  Farm  Bureau;  he served for 6 years on the Henderson
17    Livestock Marketing Association; he was a farm member of  the
18    Monmouth  Chamber  of Commerce and in 1977 was honored as the
19    Chamber's Man of the Year; and

20        WHEREAS, Ralph Allen Killey is survived by his  daughter,
21    Barbara  Joyce  Hedberg  and her husband, Ray; his son, Frank
22    Phillip Killey and  his  wife,  Barbara;  his  grandchildren,
23    Nicholas  Hedberg,  Stephen  Hedberg,  Samantha  Hedberg, Lee
24    Sanchez, Adam Killey, Lynne Killey,  Rebecca  Donegan,  Roger
25    Killey,  Cindy  Hallam,  Lisa  Flannagan,  Michelle  Fillman,
26    Kristin    Killey,   and   Brent   Killey;   and   his   many
27    great-grandchildren; therefore, be it

29    ASSEMBLY  OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
30    his family and friends, the death of Ralph  Allen  Killey  of
31    Monmouth, Illinois; and be it further
                            -3-                LRB9110303KBkb
 1        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
 2    presented to the family of Ralph Allen Killey.

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