State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Senate were saddened to learn
 3    of the death of Joshua Johnson of  Springfield  on  Thursday,
 4    August 12, 1999; and

 5        WHEREAS,  He  was  born in Evergreen, Alabama, on January
 6    25, 1913; he was a graduate  of  Cheyney  State  College  and
 7    received  his master's degree in 1941 from Pennsylvania State
 8    University; he did further graduate study at  the  University
 9    of Illinois; and

10        WHEREAS,  He  played  college football and basketball and
11    was football team captain during his  senior  year;  he  also
12    played  professional  baseball  in  the  Negro  National  and
13    American Leagues for 12 years; and

14        WHEREAS,  He  went to Madison in 1941, where he served at
15    Madison School District 12 as a teacher and coach until 1942;
16    and

17        WHEREAS, During World  War  II,  he  graduated  from  the
18    Anti-Aircraft  Artillery  Officers'  Candidate  School with a
19    commission of Second Lieutenant; during his 4 years of active
20    duty, Mr. Johnson served 18 months in the European Theater of
21    Operations; he retired as a Major in the United  States  Army
22    Reserves in 1973; and

23        WHEREAS,  Mr. Johnson's public service included work with
24    the  Cook  County  Public   Schools,   the   Illinois   Youth
25    Commission,   the   Division   of  Forestry  Camps,  and  the
26    Ex-Offender Employment Program in the Office of the Secretary
27    of  State;  for  12  years,  he  served  the  Office  of  the
28    Superintendent of Public Instruction and its  successor,  the
29    State   Board  of  Education,  and  the  Illinois  Office  of
30    Education in high-level administrative positions; he  retired
31    as  a  Special  Assistant  to  the  State  Superintendent  of
                            -2-                LRB9109283CBcb
 1    Education  in  January of 1978; he was appointed to the State
 2    Board of Elections by Governor James R. Thompson to serve for
 3    a one-year term from July 1, 1978 until June 30,  1979,  when
 4    he  was  reappointed and served until his retirement in July,
 5    1988; and

 6        WHEREAS, He was a member  of  St.  Paul  AME  Church;  he
 7    served   on  the  subcommittees  for  the  Education  of  the
 8    Agriculture and Migrant  Workers,  the  State  Sex  Education
 9    Advisory  Board,  the Continuing Adult Education Council, the
10    1970 Illinois White House Conference Planning Committee,  the
11    Planning   Committee   for   the   National   Conference   on
12    Citizenship,  the  Executive Advisory Council of the Juvenile
13    Division of  the  Illinois  Department  of  Corrections,  the
14    Planning  Committee  for the Governor's Prayer Breakfast, and
15    the Education  Commission  of  the  Chicago  Consultation  on
16    Ethnicity  -  American  Jewish  Committee; he was an Illinois
17    delegate to the 1970 White House Conference on Children; and

18        WHEREAS, Mr. Johnson also held membership in the National
19    Education Association, the  Illinois  Education  Association,
20    the   Illinois  Association  of  School  Administrators,  the
21    Superintendents Round Table of Northern Illinois,  Phi  Delta
22    Kappa, the American Legion, the Reserve Officers Association,
23    the  Masonic  Lodge, Frontiers International, and Kappa Alpha
24    Psi Fraternity; and

25        WHEREAS, Mr. Johnson received many awards, including  the
26    Annual  Cheyney  State College and Faculty Award in 1962, the
27    Certificate  of  Achievement  from  the   Southern   Illinois
28    University   Educational   Council   of   100,  the  Illinois
29    Association of School Administrators' Presidential  Citation,
30    the  Mentor  Graham  Award  (presented  in  memory of Abraham
31    Lincoln's  teacher)  from   the   Central   Illinois   School
32    Administrators, a special award from the Illinois Association
33    of  Regional  Superintendents  of  Schools, an award from the
                            -3-                LRB9109283CBcb
 1    State Board of Education, State of  Illinois,  honorary  life
 2    membership  in the National Congress of Parents and Teachers,
 3    and honorary life membership  in  the  Illinois  Congress  of
 4    Parents and Teachers; and

 5        WHEREAS,  His  passing  will be deeply felt by his family
 6    and friends, especially his son and  daughter-in-law,  Eugene
 7    and  Beverly  Johnson;  his  grandsons, Eugene, Jr. and Brian
 8    O'Neal; his brother  and  sister-in-law,  Dr.  Rufus  C.  and
 9    Estelle  Johnson;  and  his  sister,  Mrs. Mary Ruth Collins;
10    therefore, be it

12    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we note with sorrow
13    and regret the death of Joshua Johnson and extend our sincere
14    condolences to his family and friends; and be it further

15        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
16    presented to the family of Joshua Johnson.

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