State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The federal  Personal  Responsibility  and  Work
 3    Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PL 104-109), commonly
 4    known  as  welfare  reform,  mandated  all  states to provide
 5    employers with one centralized address for the processing  of
 6    income withholdings for child support orders; and

 7        WHEREAS,  PL  104-109 requires payments for IV-D (where a
 8    custodial parent has applied for or  is  currently  receiving
 9    child  support enforcement through the Illinois Department of
10    Public Aid Division of Child  Support  Enforcement)  and  all
11    non-IV  cases  with  income  withholding  orders  entered  or
12    modified  after  January  1,  1994,  be sent to a centralized
13    location; and

14        WHEREAS, To comply with PL 104-109 the Governor signed SB
15    1063/PA  91-212  which  creates  the  Child   Support   State
16    Disbursement  Unit  (SDU)  and  centralizes the collection of
17    child support payments through one agency rather than through
18    102 separate Circuit Clerk Offices Statewide; and

19        WHEREAS, The Child Support State Disbursement Unit  model
20    was   developed   through  extensive  negotiations  with  the
21    Illinois Association of Circuit  Clerks  which  selected  the
22    DuPage County Circuit Clerk's Office as the entity to operate
23    the Unit; and

24        WHEREAS,   The   DuPage  County  Circuit  Clerk's  Office
25    received a State contract for $6.7 million from the  Illinois
26    Department   of  Public  Aid  for  equipment,  software,  and
27    operation expenses to  process  an  estimated  750,000  child
28    support payments per year; and

29        WHEREAS, The Child Support State Disbursement Unit tested
30    the  new child support system by running child support checks
31    from DuPage County only; and
                            -2-           SDS/91Asjr0001/NOdo
 1        WHEREAS, There have been  numerous  complaints  Statewide
 2    concerning  the untimely processing of child support payments
 3    by the Child Support State Disbursement Unit; and

 4        WHEREAS, The untimely handling of child support  payments
 5    by  the  Illinois  Department  of  Public Aid's Child Support
 6    State Disbursement  Unit  has  caused  severe  hardships  for
 7    children  and  their  families  across the State of Illinois;
 8    therefore be it

10    ASSEMBLY  OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, That the Illinois Auditor
11    General is directed to conduct a  management  audit  for  the
12    Illinois  Department  of  Public  Aid's  Child  Support State
13    Disbursement Unit to determine whether  the  Department  took
14    the  necessary  actions  to  implement SB 1063/PA 91-212 in a
15    timely and professional manner; and be it further

16        RESOLVED, That this  audit  shall  include,  but  not  be
17    limited  to,  an  examination  of the following:  Whether the
18    Department of Public Aid and those charged with  implementing
19    the   Child   Support   State   Disbursement  Unit  conducted
20    sufficient testing  to  discover  before  hand  the  numerous
21    processing  problems  that now plague the system; Whether the
22    Circuit Clerks were  given  adequate  training  and  time  to
23    prepare   for   the   switch   to  the  Child  Support  State
24    Disbursement Unit; Whether the Department of Public  Aid  and
25    the  Child  Support  Distribution  Unit  conducted sufficient
26    training of employers who are required to supply  information
27    to  the  Unit for the proper and timely distribution of child
28    support payments;  An  examination  of  the  bidding  process
29    through   which   operation   of   the  Child  Support  State
30    Disbursement Unit was awarded to the  DuPage  County  Circuit
31    Clerk's  Office  as  well as an examination and evaluation of
32    the contract under  which  the  State  Disbursement  Unit  is
33    operated   by  the  DuPage  County Circuit Clerk's Office; An
                            -3-           SDS/91Asjr0001/NOdo
 1    examination and evaluation of  expenditures  made  under  the
 2    contract for the start up and operation  of the Child Support
 3    State  Disbursement  Unit;  A determination of when the Child
 4    Support State Disbursement Unit can be  expected  to  process
 5    child  support payments in a timely manner and what steps the
 6    Unit and the Department should take to eliminate the  current
 7    backlog  and  process  payments in a timely manner; and be it
 8    further

 9        RESOLVED,  That  all  State   agencies,   including   the
10    Department  of  Public  Aid  and all other entities which may
11    have information relevant  to  this  audit,  shall  cooperate
12    fully  and  promptly with the Auditor General's Office in the
13    conduct of this audit, and be it further

14        RESOLVED, That the Auditor General commence this audit as
15    soon as possible and report his findings and  recommendations
16    upon  completion  to  the  Legislative  Audit Commission, the
17    General Assembly and the  Governor  in  accordance  with  the
18    provisions  of  the  Illinois  State  Auditing Act; and be it
19    further

20        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
21    delivered  to  the  Auditor  General  and the Director of the
22    Illinois Department of Public Aid.

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