State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Senate were saddened to learn
 3    of the death of Reid Derek Lane of  Belleville  on  July  30,
 4    1999; and

 5        WHEREAS,  He  was born in Macon, Georgia, on December 26,
 6    1951 and received his formal education in the St. Louis  City
 7    Public School System; and

 8        WHEREAS, He served in the United States Navy and received
 9    an Honorable Discharge; and

10        WHEREAS, He was baptized at an early age and was a member
11    of  Rhema  Baptist Church in St, Louis; he was a professional
12    truck driver  for  over  26  years  and  in  1998  became  an
13    owner/operator; and

14        WHEREAS,  His  passing  will be deeply felt by his family
15    and friends, especially his wife,  Valarie  Moore  Lane;  his
16    daughters,  Shanise Lane and Joanna Spruill; his son, Keenan;
17    his stepson, Keon; his mother, Sadie Lane;  his  grandmother,
18    Carrie  Lane; his brother, Val Lane; his sister, Terrie Lane;
19    his  mother-in-law,  Ernestine  Moore;  his   sisters-in-law,
20    Carolyn  Watson,  Torethia Merriwether, Sonya Agnew, and Mona
21    Lane; and  his  uncle  and  aunt,  Harris  and  Mary  Durham;
22    therefore, be it

24    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we note  with  sorrow
25    and  regret  the  death  of  Reid  Derek  Lane and extend our
26    sincere condolences to his family  and  friends;  and  be  it
27    further

28        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
29    presented to his widow, Valarie Moore Lane.

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