State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    extend  their sincere sympathies to the family and friends of
 4    Bennie Phillips Sr., who recently passed away; and

 5        WHEREAS, Bennie Phillips Sr. received  his  education  at
 6    Parkin  Elementary  School  in  Parkin,  Arkansas; he and his
 7    family moved to East St. Louis, Illinois in 1942; in 1952  he
 8    made  Christ  his  Savior  and  joined  the Macedonia Baptist
 9    Church under Reverend H.G. Begley; at the church he served as
10    chairperson of the budget committee, vice-chairperson of  the
11    trustee  board,  was  a  singer in the male chorus, and was a
12    member of the courtesy committee; and

13        WHEREAS, Bennie Phillips Sr. and Freda  M.  Johnson  were
14    united as a couple in 1959; and

15        WHEREAS,  Bennie Phillips Sr. first worked with the B & O
16    Railroad; he continued his self-employment with  a  Greyhound
17    Bus   Franchise,  Economy  Auto  Sales,  and  Phillips  Ebony
18    Insurance Agency; Bennie Phillips  Sr.  was  affiliated  with
19    other  businesses, including a confectionary and auto license
20    service; and

21        WHEREAS,  Bennie  Phillips  Sr.  received  the   National
22    Defense  Service  Medal from the United States Army; he was a
23    lifetime member of the NAACP; he was  radio  broadcaster  for
24    over   20  years,  he  was  a  member  of  the  Business  and
25    Professional Men's Organization for over 30 years, he  was  a
26    former  member  of  the  East  St.  Louis School District 189
27    board, and was the host of "The Ben  T.  Phillips  Talk  Back
28    Show" on Channel 13 at the time of his death; and

29        WHEREAS,  Bennie  Phillips  Sr.  is survived by his wife,
30    Freda; his daughters, Belita Brooks, Andrea (Willie)  Hughes,
31    Belinda  (Charles) Blair, Felecia (Kevin) Harris, and Carolyn
                            -2-                LRB9107529KBkb
 1    Phillips;  his  son,  Bennie  (Kathryn)  Phillips,  Jr.;  his
 2    sister, Magnolia (Willie) Coxx; his uncle, John Terrell;  his
 3    goddaughter, Hilary Scott; his seven grandchildren; his three
 4    great-grandchildren;  his  two nieces; his three nephews; two
 5    great-nieces; his cousins, other relatives, and many friends;
 6    therefore, be it

 8    ASSEMBLY  OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
 9    his family and friends, the death of Bennie Phillips  Sr.  of
10    East St. Louis, Illinois; and be it further

11        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
12    presented to the family of Bennie Phillips  Sr.,  along  with
13    our sincere regards.

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