State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, In the past decade, recycling efforts  by  local
 3    government have translated into a statewide recycling rate of
 4    27%,  helping  to  reduce  Illinois' dependence on landfills;
 5    Illinois now has 225% more landfill capacity than it  did  10
 6    years  ago,  although  the  number  of  landfills has dropped
 7    dramatically; and

 8        WHEREAS, Much of the success of recycling programs can be
 9    attributed  to  the  effective  use  of  local  tipping   fee
10    surcharge  revenues;   unfortunately,  some jurisdictions are
11    faced with the loss of  surcharge  revenues  and  others  are
12    still  working without any revenue to develop their recycling
13    programs; and

14        WHEREAS, Local solid waste agencies throughout the  State
15    use  their  tipping  fee  surcharge revenues to fund regional
16    recycling activities such as: (1) electronics recovery events
17    to recycle computer, stereo, and other electronic  equipment;
18    (2)  paint exchanges where residents can drop off and pick up
19    useable latex and oil-based paint for free; (3)  textile  and
20    book   recovery   events;   (4)   household  hazardous  waste
21    collection  events  to  help  residents  rid  their  home  of
22    dangerous and toxic chemicals in a safe  manner;  and  (5)  a
23    regional   recycling  education  campaign  to  help  maintain
24    residents' awareness of the  importance  of  their  recycling
25    efforts; and

26        WHEREAS,  Under  the  current law regarding tipping fees,
27    local solid waste agencies and many  counties  have  lost  or
28    will  lose access to tipping fee revenues later this year and
29    will be forced to either  severely  cut  back  or  end  their
30    programs; and

31        WHEREAS,   Local  jurisdictions  need  the  surcharge  to
32    sustain and expand their recycling efforts;   many  areas  of
                            -2-               LRB9106856ACtmA
 1    the  State,  including McHenry, McLean, DuPage, Sangamon, and
 2    Champaign counties, can no longer access  surcharge  revenues
 3    under the current statute; sixty-four counties in Illinois do
 4    not  have  access  to  local tipping fee surcharge dollars to
 5    help fund their recycling programs;  as a result of the  lack
 6    of  funding,  51  Illinois counties have an average recycling
 7    rate of 8% and 33 counties have an average recycling rate  of
 8    16%; therefore, be it

10    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that there is created  the
11    Solid  Waste Tipping Fee Surcharge Task Force consisting of 2
12    members of the House and one public member appointed  by  the
13    Speaker  of  the House, 2 members of the House and one public
14    member appointed by the  Minority  Leader  of  the  House,  2
15    members  of the Senate and one public member appointed by the
16    President of the Senate, 2 members  of  the  Senate  and  one
17    public member appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate,
18    and  3  public members appointed by the Governor, all of whom
19    shall serve without compensation; and be it further

20        RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall meet initially at the
21    call of the Speaker  and  the  President,  shall  select  one
22    member   as   chairperson   at  its  initial  meeting,  shall
23    thereafter meet at the call of the  chairperson,  shall  hold
24    public  hearings, shall receive the assistance of legislative
25    staff, and shall  report  its  findings  and  recommendations
26    concerning  the loss of solid waste tipping fee surcharges on
27    local governments in Illinois and ways to rectify  that  loss
28    by  filing  copies  of its report with the Clerk of the House
29    and the Secretary of the Senate on  or  before  December  31,
30    1999;  and  that  upon  filing  its  report  the committee is
31    dissolved.

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