State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  84  of  102  counties  in  Illinois  have  been
 3    determined to be rural by the Center for Rural Health of  the
 4    Department of Public Health; and

 5        WHEREAS, A survey conducted in 1995 by the Illinois Rural
 6    Health  Association  and the Center for Rural Health revealed
 7    that citizens  of  rural  counties  had  the  distinction  of
 8    leading  the State in several mortality statistics, including
 9    heart attacks and motor vehicle accidents; and

10        WHEREAS, The lack of adequate emergency medical  services
11    in  rural  areas  has  been  identified as a problem in rural
12    areas that contributes to the higher mortality rates; and

13        WHEREAS, The access and availability of emergency medical
14    services in rural areas are a critical concern; and

15        WHEREAS, Ambulance providers are  a  vital  link  in  the
16    emergency medical services systems; therefore, be it

18    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS,  that  the  Department  of
19    Public Health establish a Special Committee on the Access and
20    Availability of Emergency Medical Services in Rural Illinois;
21    and be it further

22        RESOLVED,  That  the Committee members shall be appointed
23    by  the  Director  of  Public  Health,  shall  serve  without
24    compensation, and shall include one representative  from  the
25    Illinois  Rural  Health  Association, one representative from
26    the  Illinois  Farm  Bureau,  one  representative  from   the
27    Illinois State Ambulance Association, one representative from
28    the   Illinois   College   of   Emergency   Physicians,   one
29    representative  from the Illinois Hospital and Health Systems
30    Association, one representative from the Lt. Governor's Rural
31    Affairs  Council,  one  representative  from   the   Illinois
                            -2-                LRB9106900SMpr
 1    Department  of  Public  Aid, one representative each from the
 2    Center for Rural Health and the Division of Emergency Medical
 3    Services and Highway  Safety  in  the  Department  of  Public
 4    Health; and be it further

 5        RESOLVED,  That  the Committee shall select one member as
 6    chairperson at its initial meeting, and shall meet thereafter
 7    at the call of the chairperson; and be it further

 8        RESOLVED, That the Committee shall identify all ambulance
 9    providers,   including   public,   private,   and   volunteer
10    organizations,  located  in  rural  areas  by  their  service
11    regions  and  review  and  analyze  the  impact  of  funding,
12    training,  regulations,  and  licensing  on  the  access  and
13    availability of emergency medical services  in  rural  areas;
14    and be it further

15        RESOLVED,  That  the  Committee  present  to  the General
16    Assembly and the Governor by March  1,  2000  a  report  with
17    recommendations  for  legislative  and  administrative action
18    that will improve the access and  availability  of  emergency
19    medical  services  for  rural  citizens of Illinois; and that
20    upon filing its report the Committee is dissolved.

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