State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Article  I,  Section  2  of  the  United  States
 3    Constitution requires an actual enumeration of the population
 4    to  be  made  every  10  years,  in  such  a manner as may be
 5    directed by law.

 6        WHEREAS, A complete and accurate count of all persons  in
 7    the United States of America is vital to the interests of the
 8    people of the State of Illinois; and

 9        WHEREAS,    Past   censuses   have   been   significantly
10    inaccurate, despite good faith efforts of the  Census  Bureau
11    and its personnel; and

12        WHEREAS,  Technological  advances  have  made statistical
13    sampling a more reliable and accurate source of  information;
14    and

15        WHEREAS, The National Academy of Sciences, at the request
16    of  the  United  States  government,  has  devised a sampling
17    method for conducting the 2000  census  that  would  be  more
18    accurate; and

19        WHEREAS,  The last federal decennial census, conducted in
20    1990, was the first census that was less  accurate  than  the
21    previous census; and

22        WHEREAS, Recent federal decennial censuses, including the
23    1990   census,   significantly   undercounted   millions   of
24    Americans; and

25        WHEREAS,  The  U.S.  Census  Bureau has reported that the
26    1990 census undercounted 8.4 million persons and  overcounted
27    4.4 million persons; and

28        WHEREAS,  More  than  one-half of the 8.4 million persons
29    undercounted in the 1990 census were children; and
                            -2-           SDS/910007reso/BSdo
 1        WHEREAS, The undercount has had a disproportionate impact
 2    on virtually all minorities within  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    including  the  African-American,  Hispanic,  Asian-American,
 4    Native American, and poor populations; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The 1990 census was recognized as not attaining
 6    the American goals of fairness and equality due to the racial
 7    and economic differentials; and

 8        WHEREAS, Illinois has lost seats  in  the  United  States
 9    House   of   Representatives   in   five   of  the  last  six
10    reapportionments   conducted   since   1940   and,   of   all
11    Congressional seats, preliminary census figures have Illinois
12    apportioned the last Congressional  district,  based  on  its
13    claimed population; and

14        WHEREAS, Any loss of a Congressional district in Illinois
15    will  bring  with it a proportional loss of federal revenues;
16    and

17        WHEREAS, The Supreme  Court  of  the  United  States  has
18    rendered  a decision , in No. 98-404, Department of Commerce,
19    et al. v. United States House  of  Representatives,  et  al.,
20    together   with   No.   98-564,  William  Jefferson  Clinton,
21    President of the United States, et al.  v.  Glavin,  et  al.,
22    that while Section 195 of the Census Act prohibits the use of
23    sampling  procedures to adjust the census for the purposes of
24    allocating Congressional Representatives among the States, it
25    does allow the Secretary of the  Department  of  Commerce  to
26    propose   the  use  of  statistically  adjusted  numbers  "if
27    feasible" for other purposes; and

28        WHEREAS, In  addition  to  Congressional  reapportionment
29    purposes,  census figures are used to determine various forms
30    of federal aid, including aid  for  schools,  transportation,
31    and  health care, and to determine election boundaries at the
32    State and local levels; and
                            -3-           SDS/910007reso/BSdo
 1        WHEREAS, The historical undercounting of the State's poor
 2    and  minority  populations  has  cost  the  State  and  local
 3    governmental entities an  untold,  but  enormous,  amount  of
 4    federal revenues; and

 5        WHEREAS, The traditional methods of conducting the census
 6    will  be  less accurate than the scientific methods developed
 7    by the National Academy of Sciences, regardless of the amount
 8    of funds allocated by Congress to conduct a census using  the
 9    traditional methods; therefore, be it

11    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, That we urge  the  federal
12    government  to take immediate and appropriate steps to ensure
13    that, in  addition  to  an  actual  enumeration,  the  modern
14    scientific  methods are used in conducting the census so that
15    the  most  accurate  population  figures  will  be   provided
16    pursuant  to  statute  on  or  before  April  1, 2001, as the
17    official federal decennial census; and be it further

18        RESOLVED, that we further urge the federal government  to
19    use  the  more  accurate figures obtained through the modern,
20    scientific methods in conducting  the  2000  census  for  the
21    purpose  of conducting all post-2000 redistricting within the
22    State of Illinois; and be it further

23        RESOLVED, that suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
24    transmitted  to  the  President  of  the  United  States, the
25    Vice-President of the  United  States,  the  Speaker  of  the
26    United  States  House  of  Representatives, the President Pro
27    Tempore  of  the   United   States   Senate,   the   Illinois
28    Congressional  delegation, the Secretary of the United States
29    Department of Commerce, and the Director of the Bureau of the
30    Census.

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