State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  1999  Chicago  Memorial  Day   Parade   on
 3    Saturday,  May  22,  1999,  will honor and pay tribute to all
 4    those who have served our country in times of war and  peace,
 5    especially the seven Congressional Medal of Honor winners who
 6    live in Illinois; and

 7        WHEREAS, Born in Glascow, Kentucky, on December 23, 1923,
 8    Richard  E.  Bush  currently  resides in Waukegan; he won his
 9    Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage and heroism as a
10    squad leader serving with the lst Battalion, 4th Marines, 6th
11    Marine Division, in action  against  enemy  Japanese  forces,
12    during  the  final  assault against Mount Yaetake on Okinawa,
13    Ryukyu Islands, on April 16, 1945; and

14        WHEREAS, Born in West Frankfort, Illinois,  on  June  28,
15    1920,  Clyde  L.  Choate  currently  resides  in  Anna; Clyde
16    Choate's  great  daring   in   assaulting   an   enemy   tank
17    singlehandedly, his determination to follow the vehicle after
18    it  had  passed  his  position,  and  his  skill and crushing
19    thoroughness in the attack prevented the enemy from capturing
20    a battalion command post and turned a probable defeat into  a
21    tactical success on October 25, 1944; and

22        WHEREAS, Born in Dayton, Ohio, on November 1, 1946, Sammy
23    L.  Davis  currently  resides in Flat Rock, Illinois; west of
24    Cai Lay,  Republic  of  Vietnam,  he  distinguished   himself
25    during  the  early morning hours while serving as a cannoneer
26    with Battery C at a remote fire base; he fought continuously,
27    though badly wounded, until the Viet Cong force broke contact
28    and fled; his extraordinary heroism on November 18,  1967  is
29    in  keeping  with  the  highest  traditions  of  the military
30    service; and

31        WHEREAS, Born in East Carondelet, Illinois,  on  February
32    23, 1920, Russell E. Dunham currently resides in Jerseyville;
                            -2-               LRB9106553CBcbA
 1    he  singlehandedly  assaulted 3 enemy machine guns; killing 9
 2    Germans, wounding 7, and capturing 2 and  despite  a  painful
 3    wound,   he   spearheaded   a   spectacular   and  successful
 4    diversionary attack; and

 5        WHEREAS, Born in Abingdon, Illinois, on October 19, 1920,
 6    Robert H. Dunlap currently resides in Monmouth; as commanding
 7    officer of Company C, 1st Battalion, 26th Marines, 5th Marine
 8    Division, he won his medal in action against  enemy  Japanese
 9    forces during the service of Iwo Jima in the Volcano Islands,
10    on  February 20 and 21, 1945; a brilliant leader, he inspired
11    his men; and

12        WHEREAS, Born in Chicago on February 21, 1944, Harold  A.
13    Fritz  currently  resides in Peoria; he distinguished himself
14    while serving as a platoon leader with  Troop  A;  near  Quan
15    Loi, Republic of Vietnam, his 7 truck convoy came under enemy
16    crossfire;  despite  being  wounded,  he fought, assisted his
17    men, and refused medical treatment until all of  his  wounded
18    comrades were evacuated; and

19        WHEREAS,  Born  in  Chicago on October 28, 1945, Allen J.
20    Lynch currently resides in Gurnee;  near  My  An,  Binh  Dinh
21    Province, Republic of Vietnam, he distinguished himself while
22    serving  in the forward element of an operation when his unit
23    became heavily  engaged  with  a  superior  enemy  force;  he
24    provided   his   commander  with  information  which  led  to
25    successful actions, and, risking  his  life,  he  crossed  70
26    meters  to  carry  his wounded comrades to a secure location;
27    and

28        WHEREAS, Olive Park was named after Pfc. Milton L.  Olive
29    III;  Pfc. Olive and 4 other soldiers were moving through the
30    jungle near Phu Cuong, Republic of Vietnam,  when  a  grenade
31    was  thrown  into  their  midst;  Pfc. Olive saw the grenade,
32    grabbed it, and threw himself onto it, saving  the  lives  of
                            -3-               LRB9106553CBcbA
 1    the others while losing his own; and

 2        WHEREAS,  Manuel Perez School was named for Manuel Perez,
 3    Jr.;  singlehandedly,  at  Fort  William   McKinley,   Luzon,
 4    Philippine Islands, he killed 18 of the enemy in neutralizing
 5    the  position  that had held up the successful advance of his
 6    entire company;  through  his  courageous  determination  and
 7    heroic  disregard  of  grave danger, Pfc. Perez made possible
 8    the  successful  advance  of  his  unit  toward  a   valuable
 9    objective   and   provided  a  lasting  inspiration  for  his
10    comrades; and

11        WHEREAS, The  Congressional  Medal  of  Honor  recipients
12    during  the  Civil War were: Abner P. Allen, James W. Archer,
13    Charles Asten, John G.K. Ayers,  Matthew  Bickford,  John  C.
14    Black,  William  P. Black, Wells H. Blodgett, John G. Bourke,
15    Emmer Bowen, William W. Burritt,  John  H.  Callahan,  Horace
16    Capron,  Jr.,  Samuel  J. Churchill, Carlos W. Colby, John H.
17    Cook, Robert M. Cox, John Creed,  James  M.  Cutts,  John  S.
18    Darrough, Martin K. Davis, David Dickie, James Dunne, John M.
19    Farquhar,  John  H.  Ferrell, John H. Fisher, James E. Flynn,
20    Henry Fox, William W.  Fraser  (Frazier),  Richard  J.  Gage,
21    Nicholas  Geschwind,  Andrew  E.  Goldsbery, Newton T. Gould,
22    Milton L. Haney, Douglas Hapeman, Henry M. Hardenbergh, James
23    Henry,  Thomas  J.  Higgins,  Patrick  Highland,  Lemuel   F.
24    Holland,  William  T.  Holmes,  George  L. Houghton, Orion P.
25    Howe, Theodore Hyatt, John Hyland, Samuel Hymer, Elisha Johns
26    (Jones), Andrew  Johnson,  William  P.  Johnston,  Simeon  T.
27    Josselyn,  Leverett  M.  Kelley,  Charles  H.  Kloth,  George
28    Kretsinger,  James  W.  Larrabee,  Robert A. Lower, George W.
29    Lucas, Moses A. Luce, George Marsh, Samuel McConnell, Michael
30    McCormick, Andrew  McCornack,  John  Wade  McDonald,  Patrick
31    McGuire,   Thomas   McGraw,   Nineveh  S.  McKeen,  James  K.
32    Merrifield, Henry A.  Miller,  Jacob  C.  Miller,  Wilbur  F.
33    Moore,  Jerome Morford, Robinson B. Murphy, Thomas C. Murphy,
                            -4-               LRB9106553CBcbA
 1    Marcellus J. Newman, George H. Palmer, James W. Parks, Thomas
 2    H.L. Payne, Patrick H. Pentzer, Edward  M.  Pike,  George  F.
 3    Pond,  Philip  Sidney  Post,  Wesley  J.  Powers, Winthrop D.
 4    Putnam, George F. Rebmann, William Reed, Charles  W.  Rundle,
 5    Jacob Sanford, Benjarmin W. Schenk, John Shapland, William T.
 6    Simmons,   Oscar   Slagle,   Reuben  S.  Smalley,  Edward  B.
 7    Spaulding, Benona  Sprague,  William  G.  Stephens,  John  T.
 8    Sterling, George H. Stockman, George Stokes, Henry H. Taylor,
 9    William Toomer, James D. Vernay, Thomas J. Ward, John Warden,
10    Alason  P.  Webber,  Loyd  Wheaton,  Patrick  H.  White, John
11    Whitmore, Elwood N. Williams, and Richard H. Wood; and

12        WHEREAS, The  Congressional  Medal  of  Honor  recipients
13    during  World  War  I were: Jake Allex, Johannes S. Anderson,
14    Michael B. Ellis, Harold Ernest Goettler, Sydney G. Gumpertz,
15    Ralyn  M.  Hill,  Edouard  Victor  Michel  Izac,  Harold   I.
16    Johnston, John Joseph Kelly, Berger Loman, Streling Moreland,
17    Weedon  E.  Osborne, Thomas A. Pope, Robert Guy Robinson, and
18    Fred W. Smith; and

19        WHEREAS, Congressional Medal  of  Honor  recipients  from
20    World  War  II  include: Kenneth D. Bailey, Addison E. Baker,
21    Stanley Bender, Vito  R.  Bertoldo,  Elmer  Charles  Bigelow,
22    Clyde  L.  Choate,  John  Philip Cromwell, Russell E. Dunham,
23    Robert Hugo Dunlap, John Peter Fardy, Eugene Bennett Fluckey,
24    Harold A. Garmon, Robert E. Gerstung, Eric G. Gibson, Richard
25    Edward Kraus, Anthony L. Krotiak,  John  Howard  Leims,  Fred
26    Faulker  Lester, Joseph Jeremiah McCarthy, Edward S. Michael,
27    Edward J. Moskala, Carlos C. Ogden, Joseph  William  Ozbourn,
28    Manuel  Perez Jr., Walter E. Truemper, Robert Lee Wilson, and
29    Frank Peter Witek; and

30        WHEREAS, Congressional Medal of Honor recipients from the
31    Korean War include: William C. Dean, Lester Hammond Jr., John
32    E. Kilmer, Edward C. Krzyzowski, James I. Poynter,  Louis  J.
33    Sebille, Richard G. Wilson, and William G. Windrich; and
                            -5-               LRB9106553CBcbA
 1        WHEREAS, Congressional Medal of Honor recipients from the
 2    Vietnam   War   include:   John  F.  Baker  Jr.,  Michael  R.
 3    Blanchfield, Daniel D. Bruce, Robert C. Burke, Emilio  A.  De
 4    La  Garza  Jr.,  Harold  A.  Fritz, Carmel Bernon Harvey Jr.,
 5    Kenneth Michael Kays, Leonard B. Keller, Allen  James  Lynch,
 6    James  H. Monroe, Milton L. Olive III, James W. Robinson Jr.,
 7    James B. Stockdale, Lester  W.  Weber,  Jerry  Wayne  Wickam,
 8    Alfred M. Wilson, and Gerald O. Young; and

 9        WHEREAS,  Other  Congressional  Medal of Honor recipients
10    include: from the Dominican Campaign, Ernest Calvin Williams;
11    from the Second Nicaraguan Campaign,  Christian  Shilt;  from
12    the  interim years of 1920 to 1940, William Badders; from the
13    interim years of 1915 to 1916, Eugene P. Smith;  for  actions
14    against  outlaws  in the Philipine Islands in 1911, John Hugh
15    Catherwood; from the  interim  years  1901  to  1910,  Willie
16    Cronin,  John  Henry  Helms, and Charles Church Roberts; from
17    the  China  Relief  Exposition-Boxer  Rebellion,  William  E.
18    Holyoke and Oscar J. Upham; and

19        WHEREAS, Other Congressional Medal  of  Honor  recipients
20    include: from the Philippine Insurrection, Matthew A. Batson,
21    John  A. Logan, Richard M. Longfellow, Archie Miller, Hugh P.
22    Mullin, Frank F. Rosse, Henry F.  Schroeder,  and  Arthur  H.
23    Wilson;  from the War with Spain, George Berg, James L. Hull,
24    and William Meyer; from the interim years of  1871  to  1898,
25    Henry  C.  Courtney;  and from the Indian campaigns, James T.
26    Daniels,  Christopher  Freemeyer,  George  Hobday,   Eli   L.
27    Huggins,  Henry  J.  Hyde, John J.H. Kelly, Joseph F. Knight,
28    Edward J. McClemand, James Summer, and Leroy H. Vokes; and

29        WHEREAS, We join with the people of Chicago  in  saluting
30    the Congressional Medal of Honor recipients; therefore, be it

32    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we  pay  tribute  and
                            -6-               LRB9106553CBcbA
 1    honor  to  the Congressional Medal of Honor recipients and to
 2    all veterans and thank them for their heroic actions.

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