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91st General Assembly

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SB967 Enrolled                                LRB9104847JSpcA

 1        AN ACT concerning products with recycled contents.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  1.  Short  title.   This Act may be cited as the
 5    Recycled Content Products Study Act.

 6        Section 5.  Recycled Content Products Task Force.
 7        (a)  There is established the Recycled  Content  Products
 8    Task  Force.  The  Task  Force shall consist of the following
 9    members:
10             (1)  the Director of Commerce and Community  Affairs
11        or his or her designee;
12             (2)  four  members  of the public appointed one each
13        by the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the  House
14        of  Representatives,  the  Minority Leader of the Senate,
15        and the Minority Leader of the House of  Representatives;
16        and
17             (3)  ten   members  appointed  by  the  Governor  as
18        follows:
19                  (A)  one  member  from  a  local  solid   waste
20             agency;
21                  (B)  one  member  representing  a  manufacturer
22             using recycled content in products;
23                  (C)  one   member   representing   a  nonprofit
24             recycling center;
25                  (D)  one member who is an executive of a  solid
26             waste company;
27                  (E)  one   member   representing   a  recycling
28             processing company;
29                  (F)  one   member   representing   a   research
30             institution or an institution of higher education;
31                  (G)  one member representing consumer  advocacy
SB967 Enrolled              -2-               LRB9104847JSpcA
 1             groups;
 2                  (H)  two   members  representing  environmental
 3             advocacy groups; and
 4                  (I)  one member representing municipalities.
 5        Appointments shall be made by October 1, 1999.
 6        (b)  The Director of Commerce and  Community  Affairs  or
 7    the  Director's  designee shall serve as chairman of the Task
 8    Force.   Members  of  the  Task  Force  shall  serve  without
 9    compensation, but may be reimbursed for their reasonable  and
10    necessary  expenses  incurred in performing their duties. The
11    Department of Commerce and Community  Affairs  shall  provide
12    staff  and equipment necessary for the Task Force to complete
13    its duties.

14        Section 10.  Task Force study.
15        (a)  The Task Force shall study and assess  the  existing
16    market  development  for  recycled  content  products  in the
17    private and public economy.  The  Task  Force  shall  compare
18    this  market in Illinois with the markets in other Midwestern
19    states.
20        (b)  The Task Force shall evaluate  the  desirability  of
21    implementing  market  development  approaches in use in other
22    Midwestern  states,  including,  but  not  limited  to,   the
23    desirability of:
24             (1)  creating  a State Marketing Board to act in the
25        role of supporting  market efforts for use of recyclables
26        in existing or new products and advising State and  local
27        officials in recyclable marketing efforts;
28             (2)  creating    technical    assistance   programs,
29        utilizing universities and other research  organizations,
30        designed  to assist local governments and businesses with
31        incorporation of recyclables into product development;
32             (3)  incentives through loans or grants to encourage
33        the use of recyclables in existing or new products;
SB967 Enrolled              -3-               LRB9104847JSpcA
 1             (4)  tax credits under circumstances  when  resource
 2        commitment  and  product  development goals have been met
 3        through the use of recyclables; and
 4             (5)  establishment of a local zone program having as
 5        its purpose  the  promotion  of  recycling  manufacturing
 6        businesses in cooperation with local governments.
 7        "Local   zone   program"  means  a  program  designed  to
 8    compliment State market development and  business  assistance
 9    efforts  by  offering additional services and incentives such
10    as  fast  track  permitting,  location  incentives,  and  job
11    training assistance.
12        (c)  The Task Force  shall  study  methods  for  recycled
13    product  promotion  that  create  demand  for the purchase of
14    recycled content products by:
15             (1)  development   of   an    ongoing,    year-round
16        educational  effort  designed to promote understanding of
17        the economic desirability of  the  purchase  and  use  of
18        recycled  content  products  by government, business, and
19        individuals;
20             (2)  promotion of the purchase and use  of  recycled
21        content   products   by   State  and  local  governments,
22        agencies,  and  authorities   through   procurement   and
23        implementation   policies   and  practices  that  require
24        outcome reports; and
25             (3)  State   participation   in   interstate   joint
26        purchasing programs in a manner  that  enables  units  of
27        local government to participate in those programs.

28        Section  15.  Report.   The  Task  Force shall report its
29    findings and recommendations  to  the  Governor  and  General
30    Assembly no later than July 1, 2000.

31        Section  90.  Repealer.   This Act is repealed January 1,
32    2001.
SB967 Enrolled              -4-               LRB9104847JSpcA
 1        Section 99.  Effective date. This Act takes  effect  upon
 2    becoming law.

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