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91st General Assembly

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SB673 Enrolled                                 LRB9105945MWgc

 1        AN ACT in relation to sexual assault nurse examiners.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section 5.  The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Act
 5    is amended by adding Section 7.1 as follows:

 6        (20 ILCS 3930/7.1 new)
 7        Sec. 7.1.  Sexual assault nurse examiner pilot program.
 8        (a)  Legislative   findings   and  intent.   The  General
 9    Assembly finds that the  compassionate  treatment  of  sexual
10    assault  victims  in hospital emergency rooms is necessary to
11    help alleviate the suffering of sexual assault victims.   The
12    General Assembly also finds that the effective collection and
13    presentation  of forensic evidence in sexual assault cases is
14    necessary to increase the success rate  of  prosecutions  for
15    sex crimes in Illinois.
16        The General Assembly intends to create a pilot program to
17    establish  4 sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) projects in
18    the State of Illinois.  For each project,  specially  trained
19    sexual  assault  nurse  examiners or specially trained sexual
20    assault physician examiners will provide  health  assessments
21    and  collect forensic evidence from sexual assault victims in
22    the emergency room.  The sexual assault  nurse  examiners  or
23    sexual  assault  physician  examiners  will  also  testify to
24    victims' injuries during criminal prosecutions.
25        (b)  Definitions.  In this Section:
26             (1)  "Sexual  assault  nurse   examiner"   means   a
27        registered nurse who has completed a sexual assault nurse
28        examiner  (SANE) training program that meets the Forensic
29        Sexual  Assault  Nurse  Examiner   Education   Guidelines
30        established  by the International Association of Forensic
31        Nurses.
SB673 Enrolled             -2-                 LRB9105945MWgc
 1             (2)  "Sexual assault  physician  examiner"  means  a
 2        physician  licensed  to  practice  medicine  in  all  its
 3        branches   who  has  completed  a  sexual  assault  nurse
 4        examiner (SANE) training program that meets the  Forensic
 5        Sexual   Assault   Nurse  Examiner  Education  Guidelines
 6        established by the International Association of  Forensic
 7        Nurses.
 8             (3)  "Hospital"  means  a  facility  licensed by the
 9        Department of Public Health under the Hospital  Licensing
10        Act or that meets both the definition of hospital and the
11        exemption provisions of that Act.
12             (4)  "Hospital  emergency services" means the health
13        care delivered to outpatients within or  under  the  care
14        and  supervision  of  personnel  working  in a designated
15        emergency department or emergency room of a hospital.
16        (c)  SANE pilot program.  The Authority shall, subject to
17    appropriation, establish a SANE pilot program  to  operate  4
18    pilot projects in Illinois. The projects shall be established
19    in   the   emergency   rooms   of  hospitals  in  4  counties
20    geographically distributed throughout the  State.   Hospitals
21    located  throughout  the  State may apply to the Authority to
22    participate in the program.  Each project  must  provide  the
23    following services:
24             (1)  Compassionate  health  assessment and effective
25        forensic evidence collection for sexual  assault  victims
26        by  a  trained  sexual  assault  nurse examiner or sexual
27        assault physician examiner in a hospital  emergency  room
28        as part of the provision of hospital emergency services.
29             (2)  Presentation  of  testimony regarding  victims'
30        injuries during criminal prosecutions for sex offenses.
31        (d)  Each of the SANE  projects  established  under  this
32    pilot  program  must,  at  a minimum, meet the Sexual Assault
33    Nurse Examiner  Standards  of  Practice  established  by  the
34    International Association of Forensic Nurses.
SB673 Enrolled             -3-                 LRB9105945MWgc
 1        (e)  Each  of  the  4  pilot  projects established by the
 2    Authority under this Section shall  be  in  existence  for  a
 3    minimum of 3 years.
 4        (f)  Report.    No   later   than   2   years  after  the
 5    establishment of  pilot  projects  under  this  Section,  the
 6    Authority must report to the General Assembly on the efficacy
 7    of SANE programs.
 8        (g)  Rules.  The Authority shall adopt rules to implement
 9    this Section.

10                                _________________________________
11                                President of the Senate

12                                _________________________________
13                                Speaker, House of Representatives

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