State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Benin was formerly part of  French  West  Africa
 3    and  gained  independence  as Dahomey in 1960; it changed its
 4    name to Benin in 1975; and

 5        WHEREAS, The nation state of Benin is on the  west  coast
 6    of the continent of Africa; and

 7        WHEREAS,   The   population  of  Benin  is  estimated  at
 8    6,000,000 and is 99% indigenous African; and

 9        WHEREAS, Benin  has  many  developed  and  underdeveloped
10    natural resources; and

11        WHEREAS,  Twenty-one  business  persons  from Benin, West
12    Africa are visiting the United States of America; and

13        WHEREAS, These business  persons  are  on  a  mission  to
14    identify  African-American  businesses that have the interest
15    and capacity to engage  in  free  trade  with  Benin  in  the
16    following   areas:   clothing,  textiles,  automotive  parts,
17    cosmetics, health and beauty supplies, building  construction
18    materials,  construction  equipment,  computer equipment, and
19    software; and

20        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Benin  Trade  Mission  are
21    acutely  interested  in  the  immediate  purchase  of medical
22    equipment and hospital supplies; and

23        WHEREAS, The members the  Benin  Trade  Mission  seek  to
24    identify  African-Americans  and others who are interested in
25    engaging in finance and investments in the  general  area  of
26    economic development in their country; and

27        WHEREAS,  The  following  people are members of the Benin
28    Trade Mission: Theo Adebiaye, Chakirou Tidjani, M. Mouinatou,
29    Mohamed Paraisco, Ramanou Kouferidji,  Ukariwo  M'Ba,  Helene
30    Sodogandji  Deckon,  Alexis  Gnanguenon,  Kanzoulaye Joachim,
                            -2-                LRB9115006KBkb
 1    Djakoto-Sessou Dovi, Djakoto-Sessou Afi, Latoundju  Masyatou,
 2    Djato  Vidjro,  Bito  Kika,  Namoessi  Comlan, Teouri Traore,
 3    Tequri Elhadj Baba,  Odeloui  Pascal,  Marie-Beline  Kiniffo,
 4    Ogwo Orji, and John Orji; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The  overall aim of the Benin Trade Mission and
 6    visit to Chicago  is  to  establish  ongoing  and  reciprocal
 7    relationships  that  benefit  both  the people of Benin, West
 8    Africa, and the State of Illinois; and

 9        WHEREAS, The Benin Trade Mission's visit  to  Chicago  is
10    sponsored by Anthony Fields & Associates and is hosted by Dr.
11    Carol  Adams  and  Dr.  Conrad  Worrill  of  the Northeastern
12    Illinois University Center for  Inner  City  Studies,  Idella
13    Blackwood  of  AARCO  Travel Agency, the Reverend Dr. Leon D.
14    Finney, Jr.  and  the  Christ  Apostolic  Church,  and  State
15    Representative Lovanna Jones; therefore, be it

18    we commend the Benin Trade Mission for visiting our State for
19    the  purpose  of  establishing reciprocal trade relationships
20    that benefit both the citizens of Benin and Illinois; and  be
21    it further

22        RESOLVED,  That  the  Illinois  House  of Representatives
23    encourage Illinois businesses  to  explore  ongoing  business
24    relationships  with their counterparts in Benin, West Africa;
25    and be it further

26        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
27    presented to the members of the Benin Trade Mission.

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