State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  are  saddened to learn of the death of their
 4    former member, Attorney Michael Wayne Smith; and

 5        WHEREAS, A pioneering national, State,  and  Chicago/Hyde
 6    Park  community  activist  and  attorney, Michael Wayne Smith
 7    made his spiritual transition on Thursday, June 1, 2000; and

 8        WHEREAS, Michael Wayne Smith was  born  on  September  5,
 9    1945  at  Cook  County Hospital; he grew up in Bronzeville at
10    109 East 35th Street and 5127 South Greenwood Avenue in  Hyde
11    Park;  he  attended  both  Raymond  and  Kozminski Elementary
12    Schools; Michael was President of  the  Kozminski  Graduation
13    Class of 1959; and

14        WHEREAS,  Michael Wayne Smith attended and graduated from
15    Hyde Park High School in 1963; he earned All-City recognition
16    honors in basketball and football; in sports circles, Michael
17    was known as the "Magic Man"; he  was  the  all-time  leading
18    scorer  at  the  Murray  schoolyard  basketball court in Hyde
19    Park; Michael graduated from Northern Illinois University  in
20    1967,  where  he  majored  in history and was a member of the
21    Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity; in 1970,  Michael  completed  his
22    legal  studies and earned his Doctor of Juris Prudence degree
23    from Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C.;  he
24    received  the national "Reginald Herber Smith Law Fellowship"
25    post-graduate award to provide legal services to  underserved
26    urban  communities;  in  that  capacity,  he  worked  at  the
27    Woodlawn  Legal Aid Clinic in collaboration with The Woodlawn
28    Organization, under the leadership  of  E.  Duke  McNeil,  on
29    housing discrimination issues; and

30        WHEREAS, Attorney Michael Wayne Smith created a legacy as
31    an  educator,  community  activist, political strategist, and
32    skilled trial attorney; as an educator, Attorney Smith taught
                            -2-                LRB9114157KBkb
 1    urban  institutions,  Afro-American  studies,  and  community
 2    development at Elmhurst College; additionally, Attorney Smith
 3    served as a mentor and counselor to  African-American  youth,
 4    encouraging   them   to   seize  the  emerging  opportunities
 5    available in education and law; and

 6        WHEREAS, In 1976, Attorney Smith  co-founded  the  United
 7    Black  Voters  of  Illinois  (UBVI)  with  Henry  L. English,
 8    community organizer Harold L. Lucas, Dr. Paul Carryon,  noted
 9    educator   Tim  Black,  Bruce  Crosby,  William  Crosby,  and
10    Reverend Charles Koen;  UBVI  grassroots  political  activity
11    resulted  in  the  election  of  two  congressmen,  two State
12    senators, six State representatives, and numerous elected and
13    appointed political representatives; and

14        WHEREAS, In 1983, Attorney Smith  worked  with  Professor
15    Robert  Starks,  State  Representative  Lou Jones, Dr. Conrad
16    Worrill, Zakkiyah Muhammed,  Reverend  Al  Sampson,  Reverend
17    John  Porter, and significant others to create the Task Force
18    for Black Political  Empowerment,  a  "movement"  of  diverse
19    community interests that resulted in the election of the late
20    Harold  Washington as Chicago's first African-American Mayor;
21    from  1989  to  1992,  Attorney  Smith   provided   political
22    consultation  to  the  Illinois  Democratic  Party  statewide
23    coordinated campaigns; and

24        WHEREAS,  In  1992, Attorney Smith was appointed to serve
25    in the Illinois General  Assembly,  filling  the  vacancy  of
26    State  Representative  Paul  Williams;  additionally, Michael
27    served  as  a  political  consultant  for   notable   elected
28    officials,  including,  but  not  limited  to: the late Mayor
29    Harold  Washington,   former   U.S.   Representatives   Carol
30    Moseley-Braun,  former  Alderman and The Honorable Timothy C.
31    Evans, State Representative Louvana (Lou) Jones,  Congressman
32    Bobby  L.  Rush,  Congressman  Danny  K. Davis, State Senator
33    Donne Trotter, State Senator Miguel DeValle, Alderman Dorothy
                            -3-                LRB9114157KBkb
 1    Tillman, State Representative  Connie  Howard,  former  State
 2    Representative Monica Faith Stewart, Cook County Commissioner
 3    Jerry  Butler, Tim Black's and Hattie Williams' campaigns for
 4    4th ward alderman, Clem Balanoff's campaigns  for  10th  ward
 5    alderman and State representative, the late Congressman Ralph
 6    Metcalf,  Sr.,  Ralph  Metcalf,  Jr.'s  campaign for 3rd ward
 7    alderman,  and  numerous  local  and   community   campaigns;
 8    recently,  Attorney  Smith  provided  consultation on Dorothy
 9    Brown's  victorious  primary  campaign  for  the   Democratic
10    nomination  for  Clerk  of  the Circuit Court of Cook County,
11    where he served as the 4th and 5th ward coordinator; and

12        WHEREAS, As  a  legal  advocate,  Attorney  Smith  fought
13    vehemently  for the rights of all citizens and was especially
14    skilled in the area of criminal defense; he was fondly  known
15    among  colleagues  and  clients  as  "the  Lawyer"  and  "the
16    people's  champion";  additionally,  he  was a well respected
17    election   law   practitioner;   recently,   Attorney   Smith
18    successfully argued an election law case before the  Illinois
19    Supreme Court concerning a candidate's right to remain on the
20    ballot;  Attorney  Smith  was  a  member  of the National Bar
21    Association, American Bar  Association,  Illinois  State  Bar
22    Association, Cook County Bar Association, and the Chicago Bar
23    Association; and

24        WHEREAS,  Michael  Wayne Smith was dedicated to community
25    concerns; he often donated his time  (Pro  Bono)  to  provide
26    legal  services  for  the  benefit  of  the  community;   his
27    community  endeavors  included,  but were not limited to, the
28    following: attorney for the Coalition to Save the South Shore
29    Country Club Park, co-founder of the West Hyde Park Community
30    Organization, board member of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community
31    Conference,    co-founder    of    P.R.O.U.D.     (Prisoner's
32    Rehabilitation Organization for United Defense), recipient of
33    the  Fred  Hampton  Humanitarian  Award,  attorney for Youth,
                            -4-                LRB9114157KBkb
 1    Vision, and Integrity Inc., East  Drexel  Square  block  club
 2    member,  chairman of Jazz Comes Home series, graduate of SCLC
 3    Operation   Breadbasket   political    education    workshop,
 4    participant  in  the  YVI  Schoolyard  Outstanding  Chicagoan
 5    award,  and  he  provided  counsel on many other initiatives;
 6    additionally, Attorney Smith significantly contributed to the
 7    improvement  of  the  quality  of  life  for  public  housing
 8    residents in Cabrini-Green providing legal assistance to  the
 9    late Marion Stamps and the Trinity Marksman organization; and

10        WHEREAS,  Attorney  Michael Wayne Smith was the oldest of
11    four sons to Mrs. Mary Toran Smith and  the  late  Mr.  James
12    H.L.  Smith  Jr.;  Michael  was  the grandson of the late Dr.
13    James H.L. Smith, the former pastor  of  Ebenezer  Missionary
14    Baptist Church and the Founder/Chairman of the Illinois State
15    Missionary  Baptist Convention; he is survived by his beloved
16    mother, Mary Toran Smith; his  wife  of  twenty-seven  years,
17    Michelle  Smith;  four  daughters Attorney Caroline J. Smith,
18    Ayanna Smith, Aisha  Smith,  and  Aliya  Smith;  son  Derrick
19    Whitehead;  sister  Sylvia  Washington;  four  brothers Jimmy
20    Smith of Las Vegas, Nevada, Leonard Smith, Attorney Sidney B.
21    Smith, Frederick  Smith;  and  a  host  of  nieces,  nephews,
22    cousins, in-laws, and extended family; and

23        WHEREAS,  Michael  Wayne  Smith was a member of Christian
24    Hope Missionary Baptist Church; therefore, be it

27    we mourn, along with all that knew and loved him,  the  death
28    of former State Representative Michael Wayne Smith; and be it
29    further

30        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
31    presented to the family of Michael Wayne Smith.

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