State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, This  Body  is  pleased  to  recognize  Illinois
 3    citizens  who  have  distinguished  themselves  in service to
 4    their community; and

 5        WHEREAS, It has come to our attention that Roger Clemmons
 6    has  announced  his  retirement  as  Superintendent  of   the
 7    Gardner-South  Wilmington  High School in Gardner, a position
 8    he has held since 1992; and

 9        WHEREAS, Roger Clemmons was born in  Edmonton,  Kentucky,
10    on  May  28, 1944; he graduated from Lexington High School in
11    Lexington, Illinois, in 1962, earned his Bachelor of  Science
12    in  Social  Studies  in  1966,  earned  a  Master's Degree in
13    Education from Illinois State University in 1972, received  a
14    Certificate  of Advanced Study from Illinois State University
15    in 1990, and received his Principal's  Endorsement  from  the
16    Illinois Office of Education in 1976; and

17        WHEREAS,  Roger  Clemmons married Linda Clemmons in 1966;
18    they   have   been   blessed   with   two   daughters,   Lisa
19    Clemmons-Stott and Amy Clemmons; and

20        WHEREAS,  Roger  Clemmons  was  a  grade  school  history
21    teacher in Chenoa Unit District #9 from 1966 to 1977, a  high
22    school  history teacher from 1977 to 1985, and then principal
23    from  1985  to  1992  before   becoming   Superintendent   at
24    Gardner-South Wilmington High School in 1992; and

25        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Clemmons  has  been  involved in community
26    service,  coaching,  extra-curricular  events,   and   church
27    related  activities,  such  as  being  an  Emergency  Medical
28    Technician  with  the  Chenoa  Ambulance  Service; the Chenoa
29    Summer  Baseball  Program  coach;  a  Deacon,  Sunday  School
30    Teacher, and Church  Board  Secretary  of  Meadows  Mennonite
31    Church  in Chenoa; the Chenoa Park District Commissioner; the
                            -2-                LRB9113909CBcb
 1    5th and 6th grade basketball coach in  Chenoa;  an  assistant
 2    coach  of  the boys high school basketball team; an operating
 3    room technician in the military from  1967  to  1969;  and  a
 4    Gardner Lions Club Member; and

 5        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Clemmons  was  Chairman of the Grundy Area
 6    Vocational Center, President of the  Three  Rivers  Education
 7    for Employment System, and President of the Special Education
 8    Co-op; and

 9        WHEREAS,  Roger  Clemmons is a respected teacher, mentor,
10    and administrator, who shared his enthusiasm for young adults
11    by   attending   and   participating    in    thousands    of
12    extra-curricular  events  from  sporting events to after-hour
13    proms over the years; therefore, be it

16    we  congratulate  Roger  Clemmons  on   his   retirement   as
17    Superintendent  at  Gardner-South  Wilmington High School and
18    applaud his thirty-four  years  of  devoted  service  to  the
19    teaching profession; and be it further

20        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
21    presented to Roger Clemmons as a  token  of  our  esteem  and
22    appreciation.

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