State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  wish  to  recognize  the accomplishments and
 4    achievements of the Park Forest residents who  contribute  to
 5    the activism, cultural diversity, and community spirit of the
 6    village; and

 7        WHEREAS,   The  Village  of  Park  Forest  honored  eight
 8    individuals by inducting them into the Park  Forest  Hall  of
 9    Fame on April 16, 2000; and

10        WHEREAS,  Etel  Billig, a founder of the Illinois Theater
11    Center, has brought professional theater and a  distinguished
12    cultural reputation to Park Forest; and

13        WHEREAS,  Mrs.  Billig's  efforts  to  help stage special
14    performances  for  worthy  causes,  bring  theater   to   the
15    classroom, and make the stage a classroom for aspiring actors
16    have   contributed   to  the  enrichment  of  south  suburban
17    residents; and

18        WHEREAS,  Harriet  Marcus  Gross  has  been  a  community
19    activist  for  over  17  years  and  has   made   significant
20    contributions  to  Park  Forest,  including chairing the Park
21    Forest Commission of Human Relations and  helping  to  create
22    the Far South Suburban Housing Service; and

23        WHEREAS,  Ms.  Gross's  efforts  and  suggestion  for the
24    building of Freedom Hall helped Park Forest  win  its  second
25    All-American City award; and

26        WHEREAS,  Jerry  Knight has a long standing commitment to
27    education through his efforts as a student at the  University
28    of  Chicago who studied Park Forest, as a reformer who helped
29    draft  legislation  to  change  school  funding,  and  as  an
30    activist who helped establish Governors State University; and
                            -2-                LRB9113880CBcb
 1        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Knight's  active  work  in  the  field  of
 2    environmental issues,  public  health,  and  veterans  issues
 3    continue to raise public awareness; and

 4        WHEREAS, Stan and Jan Moore have dedicated their lives to
 5    teaching  and  enriching  the  lives  of  thousands  of south
 6    suburban students and serve as role models  for  Park  Forest
 7    citizens; and

 8        WHEREAS,   The  Moore's  travels  and  community  service
 9    continue to spread the story of Park  Forest  to  people  all
10    over the world; and

11        WHEREAS,  Irwin "Pappy" Schechter has won numerous awards
12    and citations for his work as general  manager,  editor,  and
13    publisher of the Park Forest Reporter; and

14        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Schechter's  role as a member of the first
15    District 163 school board, charter member of the Park  Forest
16    Lions  Club  and Congregation Beth Sholom, first commissioner
17    of Park Forest Boy's Baseball,  and  president  of  the  Park
18    Forest Merchants Association shows unparalleled participation
19    in community service; and

20        WHEREAS,  Robert  Smart  has  been  a  long  time village
21    resident and active participant in the leadership and service
22    of numerous organizations such as the Kiwanis Club, the  Park
23    Forest  Recreation  Board,  the  School District 163 Board of
24    Education,  the  Art  Center,  and   the   50th   Anniversary
25    Committee; and

26        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Smart's  service also includes fundraising
27    for the Community Chest, the Freedom Hall, and the  library's
28    "Gateway to Information" program; and

29        WHEREAS,  Warren  Utes  is considered one of the greatest
30    senior runners of all time and holds more  than  20  national
31    age group records for seniors and more than 10 world records;
                            -3-                LRB9113880CBcb
 1    and

 2        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Utes' devotion to running and promotion of
 3    the Park Forest Scenic 10 earned him a place in  the  initial
 4    Park Forest Scenic 10 Hall of Fame; therefore, be it

 7    we  congratulate the eight nominees on their induction to the
 8    Park Forest Hall of  Fame  and  recognize  their  outstanding
 9    contributions  to  Park Forest and the State of Illinois; and
10    be it further

11        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
12    presented to each member of the 2000 Class Hall of Fame.

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